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Ian L. Maw, Ph.D.

Ian L. Maw
Ian L. Maw, Ph.D.
Vice President, Food, Agriculture & Natural Resources

Ian L. Maw is the Vice President for Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources at APLU. He was previously the Executive Director of the Academic Committee on Organization and Policy/the Academic Programs Section of the Board on Agriculture Assembly, and Director of Academic Programs at what was known then as NASULGC. He retired from Rutgers University (2003) after a 34 year career as a faculty member at Cook College and about three decades working in a variety of academic administration roles, including Department Chair (environmental sciences and education), Associate Dean for instruction, Director of administration and fiscal affairs, Associate Dean of the college and as Dean of Academic and Student Affairs (two decades), as well as a brief stint as Interim Executive Dean and Director.  He holds emeritus professor rank from Rutgers.

He holds a BS in social sciences, an M.S. and Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University. The subject matters of study and interest to him have been organizational development and management in the context of higher education. He is an ardent proponent of inter-institutional collaborative efforts and served as the PI for a multi-million dollar grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation which established a 10 institution Mid-Atlantic Consortium during his tenure at Rutgers.