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Shari Garmise, Ph.D.

Shari Garmise
Shari Garmise, Ph.D.
Vice President, USU/APLU Office of Urban Initiatives

Shari Garmise is the Vice President for the APLU Office of Urban Initiatives and the Coalition of Urban Serving Universities where she leads a national urban agenda around three target areas: 1) improving urban health and reducing health disparities; 2) advancing student performance and improving human capital; and 2) strengthening urban neighborhoods and communities. Key projects include the Transformational Planning Grants project, Urban Universities for HEALTH, a national study on holistic admissions, and ongoing research efforts and publications on the foundational anchor role of urban universities.

Prior positions include Vice President, Knowledge Management and Development at the International Economic Development Association, Assistant Professor at Cleveland State University at the Levin College of Urban Affairs and Vice President, Research for the Council of Urban Economic Development as well as managing her own economic development consulting business. She has published the book People and the Competitive Advantage of Place: Building a Workforce for the 21st Century, with M.E. Sharpe Publishers, as well as numerous articles in national and international publications.  She received her Ph.D. from the London School of Economics.