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University of Alabama at Birmingham
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Staff Highlights

APLU's Looney to Speak at Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities Annual Conference
Shannon Looney
Director, Urban Initiatives

APLU's Shannon Looney will examine lessons learned from innovation across urban public research universities. Looney will present on Collaborating for Change, which tests and deploys strategies that foster innovation across urban public research universities. 

APLU's Michaels to Speak at Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities Annual Conference
Julia Michaels
Director, APLU Center for Public University Transformation
APLU's Julia Michaels will examine lessons learned from innovation across urban public research universities. Michaels will present on Urban Universities for HEALTH, which aims to build a diverse health and biomedical research workforce to address health disparities. 
Wendy Fink
Fink Presents on Ag Careers and Workforce
Wendy Fink
Director of Food, Agriculture & Natural Resources and Executive Director of the BAA Academic Programs Section

Wendy Fink, APLU's associate director for Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources, served as a panelist at the North American Food & Ag HR Roundtable. The panel examined how employability skills have changed in food and agriculture fields, where they need to change further, and what universities can do to help agriculture graduates develop skills such as teamwork, leadership, communications, and professionalism.

Montague Demment
Demment Honored with 2016 AIARD Award for Distinguished Service
Montague Demment, Ph.D.
Vice President, International Programs

Montague (Tag) Demment was honored with the Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development's 2016 Distinguished Service Award. The award recognizes a demonstrated public service that has advanced AIARD’s purposes, innovative contributions to AIARD programs, and extended service in the international arena and in AIARD.

Travis York Head Shot
York to be Lead Presenter at NASPA's Students Success in Higher Ed Conference
Travis York, Ph.D.
Director, Academic and Student Affairs

Travis York will lead a comprehensive look at evidenced-based transformative activities occurring across pathways into and through post-secondary education.  While the session focuses on four portions of the college path—holistic enrollment, transfer students’ sense of belonging, retention initiatives, and senior completion grants, the overarching focus is towards how institutions can vertically align suites of transformative activities to achieve increased gains overall student persistence and aid in closing achievement gaps.  

Samantha Alvis Completes Ph.D. in International Agricultural Development
Samantha Alvis, Ph.D.
Director, International Development and Programs

Samantha Alvis, APLU's Assistant Director of International Programs and Development, completed her Ph.D. in international agricultural development and agricultural communications from the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications at Texas A&M University. Her research focuses on the role of higher education in international development. 

Christine M. Keller
Christine M. Keller to Speak at University of California, Berkeley Symposium on Research Universities and Undergraduate Education
Christine M. Keller, Ph.D.
Vice President, Research and Policy Analysis, and Executive Director, Voluntary System of Accountability and Student Achievement Measure

Christine M. Keller, APLU's Vice President for Research and Policy Analysis, will speak at a symposium on research universities and undergraduate education at the University of California, Berkeley on Thursday, March 10.  The symposium will address issues including how to measure research universities' advantage in undergraduate education, how universities can better engage their undergraduates in research, and how universities can scale high-impact practices.

Travis York Head Shot
York authors lead chapter in new book, "Service-Learning to Advance Social Justice in a Time of Radical Inequality"
Travis York, Ph.D.
Director, Academic and Student Affairs

While a growing number of studies have indicated service-learning courses produce gains in several student outcomes, little empiric work has explored underserved student groups experiences with this pedagogy.  Travis York, APLU’s Director of Student Success, Research, & Policy, sought to address that gap with his most recent publication — a research chapter titled, “More than a Desire to Serve: A Mixed Methods Exploration of Low-Income, First-Generation College Students’ Motivations to Participate in Service-Learning.” In this publication, York challenges long-held beliefs about service-learning and suggests a multidimensional motivation process.

Jennifer Poulakidas
Jennifer Poulakidas Comments on NIH Funding Increase, Federal Research Investment
Jennifer T. Poulakidas
Vice President, Congressional & Governmental Affairs

Jennifer Poulakidas, APLU's Vice President for Congressional and Governmental Affairs and Co-President of the United for Medical Research, said the NIH budget increase is "overwhelmingly good news," in an interview with The Atlantic.  Yet she cautioned that "this one year alone is not going to turn everything on its head."

James Woodell
Woodell Speaks at University of Wisconsin System Annual Conference
James K. Woodell, Ph.D.
Vice President, Economic Development and Community Engagement

Jim Woodell, APLU's Assistant Vice President for Innovation and Technology Policy, gave the keynote presentation at the recent University of Wisconsin System Annual Conference.