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CADE Meetings

CADE 2017 Summer Meeting

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CADE 2016 Summer Meeting
Diverse State of Mind: (re) Thinking Institutional Excellence and Educational Diversity for Leadership in the 21st Century

The APLU Commission on Access, Diversity and Excellence (CADE), the APLU Office for Access and Success, and the State University of New York (SUNY) held the 2016 CADE Summer Meeting on July 27-July 29, 2016 at the SUNY Global Center in New York City, New York. The theme for this year's convening was "Diverse State of Mind: (re) Thinking Institutional Excellence and Educational Diversity for Leadership in the 21st Century." The CADE Summer Meeting was focused on building a network of institutions that are committed to implementing an action-oriented agenda to improve student outcomes. This meeting convened university presidents, provosts, chief diversity officers, student affairs professionals and enrollment managers to address the following:

  • Enhance the institutional capacity to promote and sustain a diverse and qualified professoriate at four-year institutions;
  • Demonstrate how student diversity and campus inclusivity impact leadership outcomes; and
  • Understand the multidimensional forms of faculty and student diversity at MSIs and non-MSIs.

General Overview

Rethinking how diversity and excellence get delivered in the 21st century for higher education requires strategic approaches to cultivate inclusive campuses. With the increased number of individuals pursuing some level of postsecondary education, colleges and universities must be culturally responsive to the growing influx of ideas, interests, and differences. Diverse faculty are needed to populate classrooms and campuses where multi-dimensional perspectives can be offered to students and other stakeholders. Having diverse faculty recruited, retained, and promoted at different types of institutions is critically important to the quality of knowledge and experiences gained by all involved. A fundamental need remains to develop closer partnerships with the K-12 schools and community college environments. Understanding student recruitment as a long-term investment that extends beyond the four-year university setting generates a more expansive framework for approaching higher education retention and completion efforts. Diversity is a critical component of campus inclusivity where individuals enjoy a sense of belonging. The quality of the campus experience influences how or to the extent of which activism or advocacy-focused activities emerge. To achieve institutional excellence and educational diversity, university leaders must consider innovative approaches to ensure the 21st century needs of faculty and students are addressed appropriately.

Members in the Spotlight

Featured Project & Initiative

Clemson University
Access & Diversity
The Minority Male in STEM Initiative (MMSI) is designed to increase the recruitment and matriculation of underrepresented minority (URM) males in the STEM disciplines at public universities.