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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Eddie G. Gouge
Executive Director
Board on Human Sciences
(202) 478-6028

Marianne Klein
Program Staff Associate
Board on Human Sciences
(202) 478-6093


BoHS Member Institutions


Alabama A&M University
Dr. Cynthia M. Smith, Chair
Dept. of Family and Consumer Sciences
College of Agricultural Life and Natural Science
University of Alabama
Dr. Milla D. Boschung, Dean
College of Human & Environmental Sciences
Auburn University
Dr. June Henton, Dean
College of Human Sciences


University of Arizona
Dr. Jana M. Hawley, Director
Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences


University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Dr. Betsy Garrison, Director
School of Human Environmental Sciences   
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff     
Dr. Brenda A. Martin, Chair
Department of Human Sciences


Colorado State University
Dr. Jeffrey A. McCubbin, Dean
College of Health and Human Sciences


Florida State University
Dr. Michael D. Delp, Dean
College of Human Sciences


University of Georgia
Dr. Linda Kirk Fox, Dean
College of Family & Consumer Sciences


University of Idaho
Dr. Sonya Meyer, Director
School of Family & Consumer Sciences


Purdue University
Dr. Christine Ladisch, Dean
College of Health & Human Sciences  


Iowa State University   
Dr. Laura D. Jolly, Dean
College of Human Sciences


Kansas State University
Dr. John Buckwalter, Dean    
College of Human Ecology    


University of Kentucky
Dr. Kimberly Henken, Acting Director
School of Human Environmental Sciences


Southern University & A&M College
Dr. Doze Butler
Agricultural, Family and Consumer Sciences


University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Dr. Grace W. Namwamba, Chair 
Dept. of Human Ecology


University of Minnesota Extension   
Dr. Lynne M. Borden, Head  
Department of Family Social Science      


Alcorn State University
Dr. Edmund Buckner, Dean and Director of Land-grant Programs
Department of Human Sciences
Mississippi State University
Dr. Michael Newman, Director
School of Human Sciences


University of Missouri-Columbia
Dr. J. Sanford Rikoon, Dean
College of Human Environmental Sciences


Montana State University
Dr. Alison Harmon, Dean
College of Education, Health & Human Development


University of Nebraska-Lincoln   
Dr. Beth Doll, Interim Dean
College of Education & Human Services 

New Mexico

New Mexico State University
Dr. Priscilla Bloomquist, Interim Department Head
Department of Family & Consumer Sciences

New York

Cornell University
Dr. Alan Mathios, Dean
College of Human Ecology

North Carolina

North Carolina A & T State University
Dr. Valerie L. Giddings, Associate Dean
Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
North Carolina Central University
Dr. Esther C. Okeiyi, Chair
Department of Human Sciences
North Carolina State University
Dr. Carolyn Dunn
Agricultural and Human Sciences

North Dakota

North Dakota State University
Dr. Greg Sanders, Associate Dean
College of Human Development & Education Dept.


The Ohio State University
Dr. Cheryl Achterberg, Dean
College of Education & Human Ecology 


Oklahoma State University    
Dr. Stephan M. Wilson, Dean
College of Human Sciences


Oregon State University
Dr.F. Javier Nieto, Dean 
College of Public Health & Human Sciences  


Penn State University Extension
Dr. Katherine L. Cason, Assistant Director of Programs
Food, Families, & Health

South Carolina

South Carolina State University
Dr. William Whitaker, Interim Chair
Dept. of Family & Consumer Sciences

South Dakota

South Dakota State University
Dr. Jill Thorngren, Dean
College of Education & Human Sciences


Tennessee State University
Dr.Veronica Oates , Interim Department Chair
Dept. of Human Sciences
University of Tennessee Knoxville
Dr. Robert Burns, Dean
University of Tennessee Extension


Texas A&M University System
Dr. Stephen Green, Assistant Director
Family Development & Resource Management
Texas Tech University  
Dr. Linda C. Hoover, Dean   
College of Human Sciences 
University of Houston
Dr. Marcella Norwood, Department Chair
Human Development & Consumer Sciences


Virginia State University
Dr. Alice Joyner, Department Chair
Family and Consumer Sciences


Washington State University-Extension  
Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom, Program Director
Youth and Family     


University of Wisconsin Extension
Ruth Schriefer, Interim State Program Director
Family Living Programs    
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dr. Soyeon Shim, Dean  
School of Human Ecology


University of Wyoming
Dr. Bruce A. Cameron, Department Head
Family & Consumer Sciences Department

Meetings & Events Events


All Day
Radisson Hotel Fargo, 201 5th Street North, Fargo, ND 58102
All Day
The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center, 241 South College Street, Auburn, AL 36830

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