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Commission on Information, Measurement, & Analysis (CIMA)

Executive Committee 

Chair, 2014 – 2018
M. Roy WilsonPresident, Wayne State University (Term: 2014-2018)

Chair-elect, 2016 – 2020
Timothy SandsPresident, Virginia Tech (Term: 2016-2020)

Lisa FreemanProvost, Northern Illinois University (Term: 2014-2018)

Ruth WatkinsProvost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Utah (Term: 2016-2020)

Executive Committee
Joel HartmanVice Provost/CIO, University of Central Florida (Term: 2014-2017)
Rita ChengPresident, Northern Arizona University (Term: 2014-2018)
Braden HoschAssistant VP for Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness, Stony Brook (Term: 2014-2018)
Tiffany Beth Mfume, Director of Student Success and Retention, Morgan State University (Term: 2014-2017)
Michael GowerSenior Vice President for Finance Treasurer, Rutgers (Term: 2014-2017)
Rick Burnette, Associate Provost for Analytics and Institutional Data Administrator, Florida State University (Term: 2016-2019)
Stephen  Wisniewski, Vice Provost for Data and Information, University of Pittsburgh (Term: 2016-2019)
Leslie Brunelli, Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer, University of South Carolina (Term: 2016-2019)
Julie Carpenter-Hubin, Asst Vice President , The Ohio State University( Term: 2016-2019)
Sharon Logan, Associate CIO for Data and Analytics, University of Georgia (Term: 2016-2019)
Rodolfo Torres, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Kansas (Term: 2016-2019)

CSA Liaison
James Morales, Vice President for Student Services, Utah State University

CGA Liaison

CSC Liaison
Tom Milligan, Vice President of External Relations, Colorado State University

Meeting Planning Committee 2016-2017

Stephanie Bond Huie, Co-Chair, University of Texas System, Vice Chancellor, Office of Strategic Initiatives
Tiffany Beth Mfume, Co-Chair, Morgan State University, Director of Student Success and Retention
Valeria Garcia, University of South Florida, Assistant Vice President, Office of Decision Support
Rodolfo Torres, University of Kansas, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Professor of Mathematics
Arley Williams, University of Wyoming, Assistant Vice President and Special Assistant to the Vice President, Division of Administration
Julia Mame Matuga, Bowling Green State University, Associate Vice Provost, Institutional Effectiveness
Neena Verma, University of Massachusetts, Director of Institutional Research

Members in the Spotlight

Featured Project & Initiative

Accountability & Transparency
Simple, straightforward presentation of comparable information directly from public universities at no charge to students and families. Data elements selected based on input from students and families seeking trustworthy data.