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Jim Woodell, Ph.D.
Vice President for Economic Development and Community Engagement
Shalin R. Jyotishi
Associate, Economic Development & Community Engagement
Beverly Steele
ProgramAssistant, Economic Development and Community Engagement

Innovation, Competitiveness & Economic Prosperity

Congratulations to the 2016 NAI Fellows! APLU is proud of the 90+ inductees in 2016 from APLU member institutions.

APLU Names Four Public Research Universities Winners of 2016 Innovation & Economic Prosperity University Awards

APLU Names Portland State University 2016 C. Peter Magrath Community Engagement Scholarship Award Winner

Learn about APLU's Task Force on the New Engagement

APLU’s Commission on Innovation, Competitiveness, and Economic Prosperity (CICEP) was created to help leaders of APLU member universities—including presidents and chancellors, senior research officers, provosts, other officers and their staffs—plan, assess, and communicate their institutions’ work in local and regional economic development. CICEP’s Strategic Framework is built around four areas of work:

  • Economic Engagement Leadership. CICEP leads APLU efforts to promote, facilitate, support, and communicate about university economic engagement.
  • National Resource. CICEP is a nationally recognized resource for sharing best practices in economic engagement among public research universities’ officers and their teams. Themes for
best practices include leadership engagement, innovation, entrepreneurship, technology transfer, commercialization, education and talent development, and cultivation of place in regions. CICEP also coordinates development of new tools and resources for public research universities to better measure their activities and contributions to the local, state, regional, and national economy.
  • Convener of Partnerships. CICEP acts as a key convener and collaborator to develop strong connections and partnerships among leadership of APLU member universities and with external partners from industry, government, and other science, research, and economic development focused organizations.
  • Communication Strategies. In consultation with university leaders and staff members responsible for economic engagement efforts, CICEP develops communication strategies to bring greater clarity and visibility to university economic development work. Strategies emphasize deepening industry, government, and public commitment to our universities and their role in economic prosperity.

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Featured Project & Initiative

Photo Courtesy of Texas A&M University
Economic Development & Engagement
APLU believes public and land-grant universities should dramatically expand engagement efforts with partners in the communities they serve—members of the public, community organizations, business and industry, state and local government, and others.

Featured Project & Initiative

Clemson University
Economic Development & Engagement
Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow (LIFT), APLU, and the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) created an Expert Educator Team (EET) to identify how colleges and universities can modify curricula to meet the knowledge, skills, and abilities workers will need for jobs.

Featured Project & Initiative

Economic Development & Engagement
The designation and awards go to APLU member universities that demonstrate excellence and leadership in planning, implementing, and evaluating programs and initiatives that support regional economic development.