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Institutional Award for Global Learning, Research, and Engagement

APLU is pleased to announce a new award – the Institutional Award for Global Learning, Research, and Engagement. This award will recognize a public university excelling in its efforts to drive an inclusive approach to global engagement, research, and learning at their institution and measuring the impact of these efforts.

The application period for this award has closed. Please check back for more information on the 2017 award cycle. 

As an organization bringing together North America’s public research universities, APLU is committed to public service, to providing access to a high-quality global education for all students, and to tackling global problems. APLU believes every student in North America must have multiple opportunities for global learning. Global learning is an essential element of higher education in the 21st Century – helping students imagine different futures and the role they can play in creating a fair and sustainable world.   It is also increasingly key to competitiveness in the global economy. 

The award recognizes a demonstrated commitment to and institutional evidence of:

  • Inclusivity — the degree to which the institution is committed to and successful in empowering all students through global learning;
  • Research and Engagement of Consequence — the degree to which the scientific, scholarly, and engagement efforts of the institution are directed to addressing pressing global problems;
  • Pervasiveness — the degree to which the institution has been successful in fostering a pervasive international culture across campus, including a broad range of internal and external stakeholders in the process of internationalization; and
  • Leadership and Measurement — the degree to which the institution’s leadership has made internationalization a priority for the institution and is measuring progress and impact across the institution.

APLU would like to thank Dr. Joanna Regulska, Vice Provost and Associate Chancellor for Global Affairs at the University of California, Davis, who effectively led the award design committee throughout the development of this award.  APLU also wishes to express its appreciation to the committee members for volunteering their time and expertise in support of this effort.  The committee included: Britta Baron, University of Alberta; Roger Brindley, University of South Florida; Sally Crimmins Villela, State University of New York; Steven Duke, University of Nebraska; Ahmad Ezzeddine, Wayne State University; Nadia Paola Mireles Torres, University of Guadalajara; Mike Proctor, University of Arizona; Janaka Ruwanpura, University of Calgary; and Jim Scott, University of Missouri.

APLU hopes every institution that is striving to comprehensively and inclusively internationalize its campus will consider applying for the APLU Institutional Award for Global Learning, Research, and Engagement so we can honor your work and share it with other public universities as we continue to encourage internationalization efforts across campuses. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Anne-Claire Hervy, APLU’s Associate Vice President for International Development and Programs, at

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