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Malone International Leadership Award

The Michael P. Malone International Leadership Awards

Nominations for the 2017 Malone Award are now open. Nominations for 2017 will be accepted in the category of Faculty and Staff. Nominations must be received by April 7, 2017.

Learn more about submitting a nomination for the Malone Award in the nomination announcement

Please submit your nomination online here.

About the Awards

The Michael P. Malone International Leadership Awards were established in 2000 to provide national recognition for a career of outstanding contributions to further international education at state and land-grant institutions. The Malone Awards honor those who further international education in public higher education and are dedicated to the memory of Michael P. Malone (1940-1999), who served as president of Montana State University from 1991 until his untimely death in 1999. These awards are meant to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to international programs rather than those who have had a long career of international responsibilities.

The Awards are presented during the Commission on International Programs’ Summer Meeting in July each year.


2016 Michael P. Malone Award Winner
Dr. Judy Genshaft, President, University of South Florida

2015 Michael P. Malone Award Winner
Dr. Wondwossen A. Gebreyes, Professor and Director of Global Health at The Ohio State University

2014 Michael P. Malone Award Winners
Dr. Amit Chakma, President and Vice-Chancellor, Western University
Dr. Krishnaswami Srihari, Dean of the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science, Binghamton University
Dr. Robin Reid, Director of the Endowed Center for Collaborative Conservation, Colorado State University

2013 Michael P. Malone Award Winners
Dr. Thomas Buchanan, President, University of Wyoming
Dr. Hai-Lung Dai, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Temple University
Dr. Mark Gregory Robson, Dean of Agricultural and Urban Program and Professor of Entomology, Rutgers University

2012 Michael P. Malone Award Winners
Dr. Liz Grobsmith, Senior Advisor to the President for Strategic and International Initiatives, Northern Arizona University
Dr. Daniel C. Clay, Director of Global Programs in Sustainable Agri-Food Systems and Senior Associate to the Dean, Michigan State University

2011 Michael P. Malone Award Winners
Dr. Ann Weaver Hart, President, Temple University
Dr. Vishwanath (Vish) Prasad, Vice President for Research, University of North Texas
Dr. Peter Koehn, Professor, Political Science, The University of Montana

2010 Michael P. Malone Award Winners
Dr. Charles W. Steger, President, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Dr. Robert J. Jones, Senior Vice President for System Academic Administration, University of Minnesota
Dr. Barbara J. Stoecker, Regents Professor, Oklahoma State University

2009 Michael P. Malone Award Winners
Ronald M. Berkman, Chancellor, Cleveland State University
Richard H. Herman, Chancellor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mary Ann Littrell, Head, Department of Merchandising and Design, Colorado State University

2008 Michael P. Malone Award Winners
David H. Allen, Dean of the College of Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
John W. Head, Professor of Law, The University of Kansas
Robert J. Reinstein,Professor of Law, Temple University

2007 Michael P. Malone Award Winners
Lois B. DeFleur, President, Binghamton University, State University of New York
Richard E. Ewing, Vice President for Research, Texas A&M University
Diane Holland Rickerl, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, South Dakota State University

2006 Michael P. Malone Award Winners
Brady J. Deaton, President, University of Missouri, Columbia
James W. Jones, Distinguished Professor, IFAS, University of Florida

2005 Michael P. Malone Award Winners
Alicia Skinner Cook, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, Colorado State University
Daniel O. Bernstine, President Emeritus, Portland State University

2004 Michael P. Malone Award Winners
Ronald Henry, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Georgia State University
John Grandin, Professor of Modern and Classical Languages and Director of International Engineering Programs, University of Rhode Island

2003 Michael P. Malone Award Winners
Nancy Marlin, Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, San Diego State University
Michael H. Stitsworth, Associate Director of International Programs in Agriculture, Purdue University
Linda L. Vallade, International Academic Programs Specialist, Purdue University

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