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Executive Committee

Among the many important functions of APLU is convening member representatives to discuss issues of common interest or concern. APLU convenes representatives in two frameworks:  “Councils” (e.g., Council of Presidents; Council on Academic Affairs; Council on Business Affairs; etc.) composed of representatives with similar position titles; and “Commissions” (Commission on Access, Diversity, and Excellence; Commission on Food, Environment, and Renewable Resources; etc.) composed of representatives with a common topical interest, but varied titles.  Many of the Councils and Commissions have two meetings a year, once during the summer for members only at a site of their choosing, and once each fall as part of the APLU Annual Meeting. Several have additional regular meetings throughout the year.

CAA’s two major meetings are potentially large events, given APLU’s 238 member institutions. The CAA Executive Committee is responsible for organizing those meetings and any additional activities.  The Executive Committee has least 15 members, elected by CAA members to serve three-year terms.  The CAA Officers are the Chair and the Chair Elect, who are often assisted by the past Chair and the CAA representative to the APLU Board of Directors. The Executive Committee appoints a Nominating Subcommittee to identify candidates to fill various CAA positions, notably the incoming members of the Executive Committee itself. The Executive Committee discusses the overall CAA agenda at a winter meeting, usually held in February.



University of Minnesota
(to serve 2016-2017)
North Carolina A&T State University
(to serve 2017-2018)

Class of 2019

University of Pittsburgh
University of Florida
 University of Minnesota
Kansas State University
University of Calgary
 Ohio State University

Class of 2018

Auburn University
University of Arizona
Northern Illinois University
University of North Carolina Charlotte
Colorado State University
University of Utah

Class of 2017

University System of North Carolina
Georgia State University
University of California
North Carolina A&T State University
Iowa State University




Representative to APLU Board of Directors (2017-2020)



Kansas State University