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Jim Woodell, Ph.D.
Vice President for Economic Development and Community Engagement
Shalin R. Jyotishi
Associate, Economic Development and Community Engagement
Milan Ephraim
Program Assistant, Economic Development & Community Engagement

About CEO

The Council on Engagement and Outreach is composed of university administrators responsible for outreach, engagement, community development, extension, and other functions at their university. The Council provides formal and informal forums for members to discuss and take action on issues relevant to the array of institutional efforts in public service, outreach, and community engagement. CEO supports members in developing plans, programs, and policies related to outreach, engagement, extended education, community relations, engaged scholarship, service learning, extension, and a variety of other activities that create university impact in communities. The Council works closely with the Commission on Innovation, Competitiveness, and Economic Prosperity on issues related to regional and economic development.

Foundation Documents:

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Featured Project & Initiative

Economic Development & Engagement
The infographic, Scanning the Engagement Landscape: University Engagement by the Numbers, demonstrates that engagement, outreach, and community partnerships are central to the work of our APLU member universities.

Featured Project & Initiative

Economic Development & Engagement
With support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, APLU presents the national C. Peter Magrath Award for Community Engagement to recognize the outstanding community-university engagement scholarship work of four-year public universities. The program recognizes colleges and universities that have redesigned their learning, discovery, and engagement missions to become even more involved with their communities.