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Council on Student Affairs Presentations

The CSA provides a forum specifically for the most senior student affairs officer at member institutions, where they can discuss issues often unique to major public higher education institutions; be directly involved with the development and promotion of national higher education policy; and advance the role of Student Affairs in their own campus settings.  The topics and content of the Summer Forum and Annual Meeting sessions reflect this aim.

Summer Forum sessions typically focus on issues or topics not offered through other professional organizations for the senior student affairs audience, or are presented from a perspective/angle distinct from other conferences/meetings.

Topics that reach across institutional units are particularly appropriate for the APLU Annual Meeting. Co-sponsorships with other Councils (e.g., governmental affairs; public affairs and communications; senior business and financial affairs officers; engagement and outreach officers) and Commissions (e.g., access, diversity, and excellence; international programs; urban initiatives) advance the role of student affairs on college and university campuses.

As a senior student affairs officer-only group, CSA members have found value in networking with colleagues at like-institutions; the comprehensive nature of discussions and information; and sharing and learning from each other the increasingly complex nature of the SSAO position on campuses. 

Summer Forum Presentations


2016 Park City, Utah
Final agenda
Transformative Learning: We can do better in Student Affairs
From Compliance to Commitment, Where Do We Go From Here?
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) 
Data Trends: Using Predictive Analytics Effectively

2015 Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada
Final agenda
Student Affairs Professionals - Specialists or Generalists?
Readiness and Resiliency Factors Contributing to Student Success
      :: East Carolina University Student Resiliency Project
      :: University of Illinois Chicago African American Student Retention
      :: University of Memphis Emerging Leaders Program
Alcohol and Other Drugs: Update, Prevention Framework, and Case Study
Building a Better Internal Partnership

      :: Student Success at Colorado State University
Student Success through Proactive Advising - Infrastructure, Models, and Insights

2014 San Diego, CA
Final agenda
Alumni Outcomes: Great Jobs and Great Lives
Big Data
Framing the CSAO Role: Results from NASPA’s CSAO Census and Emerging Trends in Student Affairs Management

2013 Lake Geneva, WI
Final agenda
Fundraising: Looking at the private institutions
Persistence, Progress, and Programs
      :: Supplemental resource list
Technology and student development

2012 Bar Harbor, ME
Assessment Offices in Student Affairs
College Costs
Development and Fundraising within Student Affairs
International Students
Title IX (Dear Colleague Letter)

Annual Meeting Presentations

2015 Indianapolis, IN
Creating a Culture of Healthy Relationships on College Campuses. (co-sponsored)
Connecting Budget Models with Student Success (co-sponsored)
Under Intense Scrutiny: Institutional Responses to Sexual Misconduct  (co-sponsored)





Building Effective Partnerships between Greek Organization and Universities. Co-sponsored by NASPA 





2014 Orlando, FL
Innovative admissions strategies for access, success, and community impact (co-sponsored)
Preventing and responding to sexual violence (co-sponsored)
      :: ASCA - Student conduct foundations and principles
      :: University of California Berkeley - Survivor support and Sexual assault news and resources
      :: Rutgers - iSpeak Campus climate survey
      :: IACLEA - MOUs
Mental health matters: Making mental health a campus priority (co-sponsored)
Minding mental health: The vital role of university administrators in prevention and intervention (co-sponsored)
      :: The Ohio State University
      :: University of Minnesota
Impact of the Affordable Care Act (PPACA) on student health and insurance (co-sponsored)

2013 Washington, DC
Engaging the 21st century students: Creating extraordinary experiences at campuses committed to access (co-sponsored)
Evolving campus practices and policies for a growing international student population (co-sponsored)
Joan E. Clodius Forum: When They Come Home (co-sponsored)
Student Affairs and the Institution's Strategic Plan: Presidential perspectives
Using National Survey Data to increase Student Success

2012 Denver, CO
Crisis management in an instant media world (co-sponsored)
Innovative methods to measure student progress and success (co-sponsored)
Shaping financial aid for future students (co-sponsored)
Social media: Understanding and setting expectations (co-sponsored)

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Accountability & Transparency
The Post-Collegiate Outcomes (PCO) collaborative project recently released a framework and toolkit to facilitate the discussion, compilation, and reporting of post collegiate outcomes.

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