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Alcorn State University
Academic Affairs
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Posted: 02/16/2017
Dean, School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences & Director of Land Grant Programs
Salary: Commensurate with Experience

PRINCIPAL PURPOSE OF JOB:  The dean and director is responsible for the overall leadership and administrative management of all faculty, staff, and students in the School of Agriculture & Applied Sciences.  


Responsible for the overall management of all land-grant programs to include physical, fiscal, and human resources of the academic, research, extension, and advanced technologies components throughout the school.  As chief administrative officers of Agriculture and Advanced Technologies, the Dean and Director is responsible for strategic and budgetary planning, recruitment of faculty, staff, and students.  Serve as a representative for the School with integral and external constituent groups in order to highlight the needs, mission, and opportunities of the school.  Interact with the Mississippi legislature, federal partners (United States Department of Agriculture) and other internal and external organizations, to effectively build resources for the School, students, faculty, staff, and University.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: (ex: duties that are essential to performing the job with or without an accommodations)

·       Foster and maintain industry, corporate, USDA, etc. partnerships that will assist in curriculum development and career opportunities for graduates.

·       Ensure compliance with all internal policies and external regulatory agencies and specialized accreditation agencies

·       Assists in the implementation of strategic goals, objectives and action plans related to role as Director of Research and Dean of School of Agriculture.

·       Promote professional ethics, cooperation, and effective relations among students, faculty, staff and administration.

·       Carry out responsibilities in accordance with the university policies and procedures as well as applicable laws. 

·       Recommend the unit budget to Executive Vice President/Provost of Academic Affairs on a timely basis.

·       Work closely with departmental chairpersons in ensuring that staff schedules are prepared and submitted to the Executive Vice President/Provost of Academic Affairs and/or   appropriate offices on a timely basis.

·       Promote and facilitate the professional growth and development of School unit and Extension staff as documented by a plan of action.

·       Ensure that the unit budget is utilized in the most effective and efficient manner to achieve mission-driven priorities.

·       Maintain accurate accounting for and proper maintenance of all funds, facilities, equipment and commodities allocated and/or assigned to the division.


  • Work closely with Athletics Compliance to ensure student-athlete well-being, academic performance, compliance, certification, and institutional control.
  • Develop ongoing data base for enrollment management, student persistence, advising, retention, progression, and graduation.
  • Cooperate with university officials in carrying out their duties.
  • Carry out all other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Provost/Executive Vice-President/ of Academic Affairs or other authorized university officials.
  • Regular and reliable attendance at the University during regular scheduled days and work hours.

The above responsibilities are intended only to describe the general nature of the job and should not be construed as an all-inclusive list of position responsibilities.


The incumbent must have a proven record of the following administrative skills:

  • An earned doctorate;
  • Strong leadership, effective management and organization, financial planning and budget preparation, resource allocation, and strategic planning;
  • A proven record of outstanding teaching, research service/outreach, and scholarship:
  • A well articulated vision for enhancing student achievement including graduate and undergraduate research and creative activities and interdisciplinary programs and projects;
  • A well articulated vision for mentoring, supporting, and evaluating faculty and staff; (5) commitment to respect and value diversity in all its dimensions and a commitment to the concept of equal opportunity and affirmative action;
  • a vision of facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration both within the university and with other institutions;
  • Record of obtaining external funding as well as a commitment to supporting those efforts within

            the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences; record of developing and maintaining partnerships            and working cooperatively with diverse constituencies, external agencies and businesses;

  • Experience with or understanding accreditation processes;
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to be an effective spokesperson for the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences.

Licensing and Certifications           

Not required, but relevant certifications appropriate to the position are a plus.


·      Knowledge of the mission, philosophy, and culture of Alcorn’s history as a land-grant HBCU

·      Demonstrated ability to develop programs and work effectively with internal and external constituencies and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.

·      Demonstrated skills and experience in successful team building, staff development and conflict resolution.

·      Demonstrated ability to provide effective leadership and maintain the respect of the departments supervised.

·      Ability to lead, direct, advise and work collaboratively

·      Excellent organizational and time management skills

·      Strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills

·      Skills in cross-cultural communication and multi-cultural competence.

  • Experience with federal and private grant management.

·       Strong leadership, effective management and organization

·       Financial planning and budget preparation

·       Resource allocation and strategic planning

·       Ability to provide leadership for outstanding, teaching, research and extension activity activity

·       Provide a well-articulated vision for enhancing student achievement

·       Mentor, support and provide overall evaluation of faculty and staff

·       Value diversity in all dimensions and support equal opportunity and affirmative action

·       develop and maintain partnerships with diverse constituencies and external agencies

·       Understand and support accreditation processes

·       Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.

I.              PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: (examples provided below)

1.  Ability to sit at a workstation for extended periods

2.  Occasional ability to lift, carry, and put away parcels weighing up to 50 pounds

3.  Normal physical mobility, which includes movement from place to place on the job taking distance and speed into account

4.  Normal physical strength to handle routine office materials and tools  

5.  Normal endurance