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January 24, 2017
As a matter of fairness President-Trump should maintain the DACA immigration order. We appreciate that he’s already stated “we’re going to work something out” on the program. DACA offers deferred status to undocumented individuals who were brought as children by others and have lived here continuously since 2007. Many were brought to this country at such a young age that the U.S. is the only home they know.
September 6, 2016
The head of Mexico's agriculture agency will be visiting New Mexico State University next week. The university made the announcement Thursday, saying Jose Eduardo Calzada Rovirosa will be on campus Sept. 9. His visit will include the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities. The agreement aims to strengthen communication, promote scientific research and collaborate with Latin America, the Caribbean and other countries. Calzada Rovirosa also will meet with University Chancellor Garrey Carruthers and Rolando Flores, the new dean of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. An NMSU graduate, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto appointed Calzada Rovirosa as the country's agriculture secretary in August 2015. He previously served as the governor of the Mexican state of Querétaro.
May 16, 2016
Three agricultural experts from Purdue University have been appointed to a newly created Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities commission to help ensure universal food security by 2050. The commission, called The Challenge of Change: Engaging Public Universities to Feed the World, includes Gebisa Ejeta, distinguished professor of agronomy and the 2009 World Food Prize laureate; Jay Akridge, Glenn W. Sample Dean of Purdue Agriculture; and Vic Lechtenberg, special assistant to the Purdue president and dean emeritus of the College of Agriculture.
May 16, 2016
Drawing on the unique academic, research and leadership capabilities of public research universities, the Assn. of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) convened a new commission, The Challenge of Change: Engaging Public Universities to Feed the World, to address growing domestic and global food security challenges and ensure universal food security by 2050.
May 16, 2016
Top agronomists at Purdue University will be part of a new nationwide higher education task force on food security. The Association of Public and Land Grant Universities is putting together the 31-member commission, which aims to ensure that the world's rapidly growing population has enough to eat.
January 20, 2016
A National Farm Foundation report says there are major barriers to the successful implementation of new animal drug use policies on antibiotics that go into effect in less than a year. Foundation president Neil Conklin tells Brownfield there is still an education gap, “There’s a lack of awareness in some parts of the livestock sector and a need for more education and better information.” He says the education gaps are throughout but mostly among smaller, independent producers. National Farm Foundation has unveiled its report at the national summit going on in Washington, DC about Antibiotic Stewardship put on by the foundation, the USDA, the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities and the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges.
December 18, 2015
Antimicrobial stewardship is of vital interest to the livestock industry. That’s why our friends at Farm Foundation will hold a free, national summit highlighting policy, education and economic issues surrounding the stewardship of antimicrobial drug use in food-producing animals Jan. 20-21, 2016, in Washington, D.C. A collaboration of Farm Foundation, NFP, the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), the Association of American Veterinary Medicine Colleges (AAVMC) and USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS), this summit will highlight the diverse issues involved in antimicrobial stewardship. Targeted to livestock producers, feed suppliers, veterinarians, academics and government agency staff, the summit is an opportunity to advance the conversation on the industry’s adaptation to the changing landscape of antimicrobial drug use.
December 8, 2015
Last month, a memorandum of understanding was signed by USDA and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) Cooperative Extension and Experiment Station sections to better equip farmers, communities and individuals with information and technology so they can best adapt to climate change and weather variability.
December 2, 2015
A strategy for addressing the use of antibiotics in food animal production has been recently launched by the Task Force on Antibiotic Resistance in Production Agriculture. The strategy includes preparing producers for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Guidance #213, which will require producers to obtain authorization from a licensed veterinarian to use antibiotics for food animals.
November 13, 2015
A national task force report on the growing problem of antibiotic resistance in animal agriculture highlights the need to make finding solutions a top public health priority, said Willie Reed, dean of the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine.