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CADE Summer Meeting

Jul 25, 2017 - Jul 27, 2017

All Day

Charting the Course in the Midst of Unchartered Waters

The APLU Commission on Access, Diversity, and Excellence (CADE), and the APLU Office for Access and Success (OAS), announce that this year’s CADE Summer Meeting will be held July 25-July 27, 2017 at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel in Washington, DC. The theme for this year's convening is Charting the Course in the Midst of Unchartered Waters.

The CADE Summer Meeting is to build a network of institutions that are committed to implementing an action-oriented agenda to improve student outcomes and convenes university presidents, provosts, chief diversity officers, student affairs professionals, and enrollment managers.

General Overview

The 2017 CADE Summer Meeting is convening in the nation’s capital with the intention of gaining a deep understanding of how the current political environment and national discussions around race, class, and gender identity intersect with higher education. Campuses across the nation are navigating unchartered waters in an increasingly partisan political climate. Universities have always been places of passionate political discourse, but the impact of social media can rapidly escalate a local campus discussion into a national debate. CADE members are on the front lines of many of these issues realizing the great responsibility of serving as advocates for all students, faculty, and staff on these critical issues.

Plenary sessions at the 2017 CADE Summer meeting will include:

Perspectives from policy makers and experts on the current political environment
Dialogue about the free speech vs. hate speech debate
Discussion of how current federal and state policies taking shape across the nation might impact campus efforts to increase access, equity and success for all

It is imperative that CADE members are informed about these issues and more.  The CADE Summer Meeting allows attendees to connect with a network of colleagues and leaders who can share strategies and best practices for success.

The call for proposals is open. Click here to access all of the information regarding submission.  Deadline for Submissions: June 5, 2017

Key Highlights

  • Review how the national political environment impacts public colleges and universities
  • Explore campus and national organization responses to non-inclusive legislation and free speech debates
  • Describe how social media in conjunction with the national political dialogue is impacting local campus climate and actions
  • Discuss national policy issues related to access, diversity, and inclusion and APLU’s role in the national dialogue

Registration Rates
Early Registration: $300.00       (4/24/17 - 5/10/17)
Regular Registration: $325.00  (5/11/17 - 6/23/17)
Late Registration: $375.00         (6/24/17 - 7/20/17)

Please feel free to contact us, at, or by phone at 202-478-6074, if you have questions regarding the meeting.


Washington, DC