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University of Wisconsin Madison
Projects & Initiatives

Degree Completion Award

APLU established the Degree Completion Award to achieve the following:

  • Reward and bolster the current efforts of public universities that are successfully improving the retention and graduation of students;
  • Collect effective campus-based models from successful public universities for other institutions to use to increase student retention and graduation; and
  • Mobilize all colleges and universities to prioritize improving student retention and graduation outcomes.

The award is open to all APLU institutions and serves to advance APLU’s degree completion priorities to advance access and persistence to a greater number of students. Increasing the access, retention, and graduation rates of students seeking bachelor’s degrees in the U.S. is essential for the social and economic health and well-being of our society.

Apply for the Degree Completion Award

Eligibility: All APLU member institutions are invited to submit an application for the Degree Completion Award. Initiatives and programs that have improved the institution’s retention and/or graduation rate(s) at any time in the last three academic years will be considered. Previous award recipients are not eligible in the two years immediately following receipt of the Degree Completion Award (formerly the Project Degree Completion Award).

The Award Application will be available early in 2019.