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Projects & Initiatives
Shalin R. Jyotishi

Technology Transfer Evolution Working Group Members


Julie Nagel
President of KU Innovation and Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Kansas   

Paul Roben
Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Commercialization, University of California San Diego


Engagement in Local/Regional Ecosystem

Dorothy Air    
Associate Vice President for Entrepreneurial Affairs and Tech Commercialization, University of Cincinnati   

Eugene Krentsel    
Associate Vice President for Research, University of Louisville  

Jonathan Dworin    
Policy Analyst, State Science & Technology Institute (SSTI)

Jacob Johnson    
Founder, Innovosource

Lawrence Molnar    
Director, Center for Business Acceleration and incubation Studies, University of Michigan                   

Expectations of Tech Transfer

Mary Albertson    
Incoming President, Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)  

Tony Armstrong    
President and CEO, Indiana University Research & Technology Corporation, Indiana University   

Bob Hardy    
Director of Contracts and Intellectual Property Management, Council-Governmental Relations (COGR)  

Christian Iverson    
Director of Technology Transfer, Utah State University   

John Ritter  
Director, Office of Technology Licensing, Princeton University   

Steve Susalka     
Executive Director, Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)  

Laura Lacy Graham        
State Science & Technology Institute (SSTI)    

James Weyhenmeyer    
Vice President for Research & Economic Development, Georgia State University  

Toby Smith   
Vice President for Policy, Association of American Universities    

Innovation Management Structure

Tony Boccanfuso    
President, University Industry Demonstration Partnership   

Joe Heppert    
Associate Vice President for Research, University of Kansas   

Marc Malandro    
Vice Chancellor for Technology Management and Commercialization, University of Pittsburgh   

Mark Skinner        
State Science & Technology Institute (SSTI)  

Maria Emanuel    
Associate Director of Innovation, University of New Hampshire   

Heidjer Staecker    
Partner, TreMonti Consulting   

Jessica Sebeok    
Associate Vice President for Policy, Association of American Universities (AAU)                   

Internal Entrepreneurial Culture

Todd Headley    
President, CSU Ventures, Colorado State University   

Leslie Millar-Nicholson    
Director, Technology Licensing Office, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  

Arjun Sanga    
Executive Director, WiSys Technology Corporation   

Jason Rittenberg        
State Science & Technology Institute (SSTI)  

Kate Astle
Manager, Tech Transfer, Utah State University                       

Support for University Startups

Maura Donovan  
Executive Director, Office of University Economic Development, University of Minnesota     

Jane Muir    
Director, Florida Innovation Hub, University of Florida   

Per Stromhaug    
Assistant Vice President, Binghampton University 

Matthew Mroz    
Assistant Director, Innovation and Partnerships at The Research Foundation for SUNY

Rob Ksiazkiewicz        
State Science & Technology Institute (SSTI)  

Peter Hernandez   
Director of Intellectual Property and Tech Transfer, Florida International University  

 Advisory Group                    

Dan Berglund    
President and CEO, State Science & Technology Institute (SSTI)   

Brian Darmody    
Associate Vice President for Corporate and Foundation Relations, University of Maryland   

Duane Dunlap  
Professor, Engineering Technology, Purdue University   

Lloyd Jacobs    
President Emeritus, University of Toledo  

Leslie Millar-Nicholson    
Director, Technology Licensing Office, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  

Duane Nellis   
Past President and University Honors Professor. Texas Tech University   

Pete Pellerito    
State Policy and University Relations Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)  

Featured Project & Initiative

Clemson University
Economic Development & Engagement
Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow (LIFT), APLU, and the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) created an Expert Educator Team (EET) to identify how colleges and universities can modify curricula to meet the knowledge, skills, and abilities workers will need for jobs in the advanced manufacturing sector.

Featured Publication