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Projects & Initiatives
Jim Woodell, Ph.D.
Vice President for Economic Development and Community Engagement


IEP Universities Committee Members

The Innovation and Economic Prosperity Universities program is facilitated by member leadership from APLU's Commission on Innovation, Competitiveness & Economic Prosperity (CICEP) and by APLU's Office of Economic Development & Community Engagement. The IEP Universities Committee provides oversight for the program and assists APLU leadership in continuous development and growth throughout the program components. The committee is comprised of the leaders of each of the three IEP subcommittees - the Designation Subcommittee, the Awards Subcommittee and the Learning Exchange Subcommittee.

Duane Dunlap
Professor, School of Engineering Technology, Purdue University
CO-CHAIR, IEP Universities Committee

Ozlem Garibay
Executive Director, Research Information Systems, University of Central Florida
CO-CHAIR, IEP Universities Committee

William Metcalf
Senior Director, Research Development and Support, University of Louisville
CO-CHAIR, IEP Awards Sub-committee

Paula Mills
Project Manager, Community and Economic Development, Colorado State University
CO-CHAIR, IEP Awards Sub-committee

Dushyant Pathak
Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology Management and Corporate Relations, University of California Davis
CO-CHAIR, IEP Designation Sub-committee

Per Stromhaug
Assistant Vice President for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, Binghamton University
CO-CHAIR, IEP Designation Sub-committee

Cece Gassner
Director, Economic Development, Boise State University
CO-CHAIR, IEP Learning Exchange Sub-committee

CO-CHAIR, IEP Learning Exchange Sub-committee

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