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Projects & Initiatives

Regional Engagement Toolkit

The Regional Engagement Toolkit provided access to resources for universities and their partners to sustain regional community, workforce, and economic development. We are currently working on a print publication that captures the content from the Regional Engagement Toolkit. More information will be available in the near future.

What We’ve Accomplished

  •  Developed a framework for thinking about university regional engagement activity: Define, Align, Connect, Plan.
  •  Researched and shared dozens of regional engagement resources and tools organized according to the framework.
  •  Established a mechanism for gathering suggestions from the engagement community for future development of the toolkit.

Future Steps

  •  Assess current use of the toolkit and consider design and development options for the future.
  •  Promote the toolkit through regular communication with the engagement community.
  •  Work with partners to further promote and extend the reach of the toolkit.

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