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Personalized Learning Consortium

Information technology is rapidly changing the way students access information and learn. The Personalized Learning Consortium (PLC) helps universities seize new opportunities and navigate them skillfully in a period of rapid flux. It fosters multi-institutional cooperation and collaboration that advances the use of information technology to improve student learning, retention, and graduation.

The PLC offers participating institutions a robust strategy for understanding and experimenting with personalized learning. Members cooperate to share experiences and expertise, identify promising and trustworthy vendors, influence data practices, and organize multi-institutional projects. Learn more about our guiding principles and membership criteria.
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Institutions in the PLC serve more than 470,000 students annually. As leading public universities in their respective states, the personalized learning choices by consortium members influence the course curricula, digital courseware adoption, and advising strategies of the community colleges and four-year colleges in their regions.
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Finding ways to decrease costs while delivering high quality education to an expanded and more diverse student body demands that public higher education embrace new models for learning and advising. An institution-wide commitment to student success includes flexible technologies and data infrastructure that support performance tracking and information sharing.

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