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Personalized Learning Consortium

Membership Information

Membership Categories

Membership in the PLC is either “sustaining” at $25,000/year or basic ($5,000 to $15,000 depending on student FTE size, and secondarily, on research volume). Sustaining members are active participants in PLC governance and determining the agenda of the PLC. Both sustaining and basic members will have access to all PLC initiatives, the members-only website, and opportunities for cooperation, exchanges, and group negotiation.

Membership Inquiries

If your institution would like to have a suitable representative participate in the consortium, please have your chief academic officer contact Meaghan N. Duff, Executive Director, Personalized Learning Consortium, to register institutional interest. Please include full contact information for the proposed representative (name, title, email address, telephone number, and professional website URL if available).

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Photo of Meaghan Duff
A Collaborative Approach to Personalized Learning
Meaghan N. Duff, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Personalized Learning Consortium

Personalized — or adaptive — learning adjusts learning experiences based on an individual student’s progress. To help promote innovative approaches to college and career preparation, USA Funds is supporting the Personalized Learning Consortium’s project. Meaghan Duff, Executive Director of APLU’s PLC shares insight into the benefits of personalized learning  with USA Funds' Senior Program Director Lorenzo Esters.