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Personalized Learning Consortium

Guiding Principles

The Personalized Learning Consortium’s purpose is to create advantages of shared efforts and intelligence, while minimizing the drag and friction that collaborations can involve, as members implement various forms of personalized learning technologies. The following principles guide the consortium’s decisions and actions:

  • The PLC focuses is on improving student success (reducing time to completion, increasing the completion rate) and enhancing the quality of learning for members’ matriculated students.
  • The PLC intends to reduce long-term cost to students and to institutions in implementing high-quality personalized learning, including through carefully structured interactions with the private sector.
  • The PLC focuses on information-sharing and cooperation within a user community. It is not itself intending to be a principal investor in capital-intensive projects. (It can facilitate formation of capital investment groups among its members for major initiatives.)
  • In its role as information service, the PLC will be investing in analyses and the curation of high-quality and coherent content. To protect the value of membership for all, members will share protected PLC content with PLC members only.
  • Every PLC institution has a long-term and sustained investment in face-to-face education. While not precluding the use of PLC-related content or technology for purely online instruction, the PLC will start with an emphasis on digital learning experiences benefiting in-person matriculated students.
  • In other sectors, information technology has fundamentally challenged long-standing practices and transformed business models; analogous challenges and transformations in higher education are already underway. The PLC will take collective proactive steps to shape the transformation and enhance student learning, expand access, and contain costs.
  • The transformation in higher education has accelerated in recent years, but it will continue to evolve for a long time. While looking to provide immediate benefits and evidence of value, the PLC will develop full impact only with sustained participation and over the course of several years.

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APLU Staff Highlights


Photo of Meaghan Duff
A Collaborative Approach to Personalized Learning
Meaghan N. Duff, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Personalized Learning Consortium

Personalized — or adaptive — learning adjusts learning experiences based on an individual student’s progress. To help promote innovative approaches to college and career preparation, USA Funds is supporting the Personalized Learning Consortium’s project. Meaghan Duff, Executive Director of APLU’s PLC shares insight into the benefits of personalized learning  with USA Funds' Senior Program Director Lorenzo Esters.