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Personalized Learning Consortium

Current Projects

The Personalized Learning Consortium engages member institutions, commercial technology providers, and industry associations in cooperative projects to further the development and adoption of personalized learning. Our current projects encompass evaluation of adaptive learning products, scaled use of adaptive courseware, and helping universities build capacity for integrated planning and advising initiatives.

Learn more about our adaptive courseware grant program and the efforts of eight public research universities to scale use of adaptive courseware to improve undergraduate education.

Learn more about our online course A SMART Approach to Student Success: Strategic Management of Advising Reform and Technology.

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Educating more students at greatly reduced cost per student is a fundamental challenge confronting today's public universities. A promising path to quality learning at scale is development of adaptive courseware that can be embraced by faculty as part of a process to transform the curriculum and reconsider of traditional modes of teaching. To achieve this end, universities must promote adaptive learning technologies that meet student and faculty needs.
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Public universities have renewed their focus on student success, especially degree completion. This effort, with its strong emphasis on accountability and results, promises to retain more students beyond the first year, advance learners through degree programs more quickly, and improve the allocation of scarce resources. To succeed in this effort, higher education institutions need new strategies and tools to improve planning and advising.  


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