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Personalized Learning Consortium

Personalizing Learning with Adaptive Courseware

The great challenge confronting university educators, especially faculty teaching large 100- and 200-level general education courses, lies in understanding what individual students already know and what they need to learn. To be truly effective, adaptive courseware must include dynamic and creative embedded assessments to scaffold and prove learner mastery of content in course- and program-specific contexts. We believe faculty and pedagogical experts must play a central role in the design of assessment strategies for adaptive learning environments if these solutions are to achieve broad adoption in the public universities that educate 70% of undergraduates in the United States.

In response to this challenge, the Personalized Learning Consortium is working with faculty in discipline-specific cohorts to develop learning modules and pilot courses using adaptive learning platforms. Our initial project focuses on introductory-level English Composition in partnership with Georgia State University, Montclair State University, the University of Georgia, and the University of Mississippi using the Smart AuthorTM platform from Acrobatiq

APLU also recently announced an institution-focused grant program for Accelerating Adoption of Adaptive Courseware at Public Universities. Our goal is to increase significantly the number of universities deploying high quality adaptive courseware, supported by networks of faculty working together to personalize learning and improve education outcomes for all students.

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