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Personalized Learning Consortium

Proactive Advising for Student Success

To increase student success, leading colleges and universities are redesigning the delivery of advising by launching campus-wide, proactive advising systems supported by the strategic use of technology and data analytics. These efforts are frequently referred to as Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success (IPASS).

To support colleges and universities in implementing strategic reforms to their advising systems to better serve today’s students, APLU works with postsecondary institutions and thought leaders to identify and scale best practices in advising reform.

APLU created A SMART Approach to Student Success: Strategic Management of Advising Reform and Technology to guide leaders in academic affairs and student affairs, advising managers, professional advisors and faculty in launching holistic, campus-wide advising systems, supported by the strategic use of technology. 

Based on in-depth interviews with presidents, provosts, vice provosts for student success, vice presidents of information technology, and advising personnel from five leading institutions, this course examines the intersection of proactive advising, technology, data analytics, institutional change, student success objectives and return on investments. The course is designed to guide participants through the entire process of transforming an advising system such that student success becomes a collaborative effort and strategic priority. 

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Photo of Meaghan Duff
A Collaborative Approach to Personalized Learning
Meaghan N. Duff, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Personalized Learning Consortium

Personalized — or adaptive — learning adjusts learning experiences based on an individual student’s progress. To help promote innovative approaches to college and career preparation, USA Funds is supporting the Personalized Learning Consortium’s project. Meaghan Duff, Executive Director of APLU’s PLC shares insight into the benefits of personalized learning  with USA Funds' Senior Program Director Lorenzo Esters.