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Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership

The Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership (MTE-Partnership) provides a coordinated research, development, and implementation effort to transform secondary mathematics teacher preparation programs. The Partnership addresses the significant national shortage of well-prepared secondary mathematics teachers who can support each and every student in reaching rigorous standards, such as the Common Core State Standards.

Organized by APLU in 2012, the MTE-Partnership is comprised of 40 teams across 31 states – including over 100 universities, university systems, and community colleges; as well as K-12 schools and school districts; and several state departments of education, education consortia and other education-focused organizations – working collaboratively to redesign secondary mathematics teacher preparation programs based on its Guiding Principles for Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation.  Using the Networked Improvement Community model, the MTE-Partnership is organized into Research Action Clusters (RACs) which address major issues in transforming secondary mathematics teacher preparation. 

What's New?

Hold June 23-25, 2019 for the 2019 MTE-Partnership Conference.

2018 Conference Proceedings 

Related Projects & Initiatives

The MTE-Partnership has been featured in a recent publication on The Right Network for the Right Problem.

You can read more about the Networked Improvement Community model used by the MTE-Partnership in Martin and Howard (2015). The public access version of this article can be found here:

Martin, W.G. & Gobstein, H. (2015). Generating a networked improvement community to improve secondary mathematics teacher preparation network leadership, organization, and operation. Journal of Teacher Education, 66 (5), 482-493.