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Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership

The Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership (MTE-Partnership) provides a coordinated research, development, and implementation effort for secondary mathematics teacher preparation programs to promote research and best practices in the field. The Partnership addresses the significant national shortage of well-prepared secondary mathematics teachers who can support their students in achieving the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM).

The Partnership seeks to achieve a range of outcomes as a result of this project, including validating interventions to make progress on particular problems, developing strategies for the continued growth of the partnership, and disseminating our knowledge to the broader community. Particular criteria that we will use to judge our progress include (1) the number of candidates produced, (2) improved quality of candidates, (3) the improved performance by students in beginning college mathematics, and (4) promising interventions to improve secondary mathematics teacher preparation and introductory college mathematics courses that can be scaled to a growing number of institutions over time.

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The MTE-Partnership has been featured in a recent publication on The Right Network for the Right Problem.

You can read more about the Networked Improvement Community model used by the MTE-Partnership in Martin and Howard (2015). The public access version of this article can be found here:

Martin, W.G. & Gobstein, H. (2015). Generating a networked improvement community to improve secondary mathematics teacher preparation network leadership, organization, and operation. Journal of Teacher Education, 66 (5), 482-493.