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MTE-Partnership Conferences and Meetings

2017 MTE-Partnership Conference

The 6th annual MTE-Partnership Conference is tentatively scheduled for June 25-27. The location and other details will follow.

2017 Conference Announcement

Note: MTE-Partnership conference are by invitation only. For more information, please contact Mary Leskosky.

  • 2016 MTE-Partnership Conference
    The 5th annual MTE-Partnership Conference was held June 26-28 in Atlanta, GA. The conference highlighted program transformation and issues related to equity and social justice, in addition to continuing to work in the RACs. Over 90 mathematics teacher educators, mathematicians, and K-12 personnel participated.

    The proceedings of the conference can be accessed here.

  • 2015 MTE-Partnership Conference
    The 4th annual MTE-Partnership Conference was held June 22-24 in Fullerton, CA. Over 90 participants, including a sizable from the California State University System, worked to further the work of the Research Action Clusters and to launch a new RAC focused on new teacher retention.
  • 2014 MTE-Partnership Conference
    The 3rd annual MTE-Partnership Conference was held June 6-8 in Milwaukee, WI. The conference focused on the further development of the five Research Action Clusters (RACs).
  • 2013 MTE-Partnership Conference
    The 2nd annual MTE-Partnership Conference was held June 7-9 in St. Louis.  The conference focused on a set of white papers that provided an in-depth analysis of four priority action areas identified by the MTE-Partnership: Building a Vision; Field Experiences; Mathematical Content Knowledge; and Recruitment and Retention.
  • 2012 MTE-Partnership Conference
    The 1st annual MTE-Partnership Conference was held March 25-27 in Atlanta.  Conference attendees represented the initiatives' 38 partnerships comprised of 68 universities, 87 school systems (urban and rural), and 9 community colleges across 30 states.