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University of Minnesota
Projects & Initiatives

Student Engagement in Mathematics through an Institutional Network for Active Learning (SEMINAL)

Our goal is to better understand how to enact and support institutional change aimed at implementing active learning in undergraduate mathematics learning environments.

Active Learning of Mathematics is defined as teaching methods and classroom norms that promote:

  1. students’ deep engagement in mathematical reasoning

  2. peer-to-peer interaction

  3. instructor interest in and use of student thinking

Curriculum should focus on key mathematical ideas (sense making & procedural fluency).

Students propose questions, communicate reasoning, & share solutions in process.

Instructors promote student engagement & build on student thinking.

What are we doing now...

  1. Evaluating the impacts of changes in learning strategies at our core institutions

  2. Developing case studies of successful institutional change



Contact us at

Project Leader

David Webb, University of Colorado Boulder

Principal Investigators

Howard Gobstein, APLU

Chris Rasmussen, San Diego State University

Wendy Smith, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Rob Tubbs, Univeristy of Colorado Boulder