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Projects & Initiatives

Urban Initiatives

Public research universities located in urban centers play a crucial role anchoring the community, fostering neighborhood and economic development of their cities, and advancing the health, education and well-being of city residents.

APLU has partnered with the Coalition of Urban Serving Universities (USU), an independent, president-led organization leveraging the intellectual capital and economic power of urban universities, to create the Office of Urban Initiatives lead by Shari Garmise, Ph.D.  The office implements a a national urban agenda focused on three target areas: 1) improving urban health and disparities, 2) advancing student performance and improving human capital, and 3) strengthening economic and community development in urban communities.  



Urban Initiatives
Collaborating for Change (CFC) is an initiative working to spur student success by driving transformational change at public urban research universities across the country.
Photo Courtesy of University of Louisiana Lafayette
Urban Initiatives
APLU and USU release new research, Foiling the Drop-Out Trap: Completion Grant Practices for Retaining and Graduating Students, and step-up advocacy efforts to push public urban research institutions to retain and graduate more low-income at risk students nearing degree completion.
Urban Initiatives
We are a nationwide network of urban universities dedicated to preparing the next generation of health professionals.
Learning Technology
To help college and university leaders implement new systems for redesigning advising and supporting students across their campuses, APLU developed an online course: A SMART Approach to Student Success: Strategic Management of Advising Reform and Technology.
Female student cheering at NIU Commencement
College Costs, Tuition & Financial Aid
APLU and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) developed Project Degree Completion in which nearly 500 public colleges and universities have pledged to collectively award 3.8 million more degrees by 2025.
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Urban Initiatives
The Transformational Planning Grant supports a cohort of seven public urban research universities as they spend a year planning and designing new business models and innovative approaches to increase access, improve success rates and find greater cost efficiencies.