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Meetings & Events

APLU Special Events

Celebrating our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness

APLU regularly brings the public university community and others together to celebrate the diversity of cultures, heritages and identities of its leaders, faculty, and students.  These forums provide an opportunity to listen and learn from different backgrounds and experiences, explore challenges, and look ahead for ways to build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive public higher education community and society overall.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 

October 2021Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Three leaders at public Hispanic Serving Institutions share their perspectives on the value and importance of HSIs in educating today and tomorrow’s learners. The HSI leaders detail how their university is intentionally celebrating and leveraging their HSI identity and creating supportive environments for their Latino faculty, staff, and students. 

Celebrating Pride Month

June 2021 Celebrating Pride Month

A diverse panel of LGBTQ+ public university leaders reflected on their own journeys in higher education, described challenges they've faced and explored the role of allies in affirming their identity. The conversation also explored the role of inclusive programming, messaging, and visibility on campus and how that impacts the experience of LGTBTQ+ students, faculty and staff.

Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

AAPI Webinar SlideMay 2021

Five public university leaders discussed their own personal and professional journeys to celebrate #AAPIHeritageMonth. They discussed the important role Asian American and Pacific Islander students, faculty, and staff play on campus and in their communities as well as how university leadership can best support them while recognizing and honoring the diverse composition of the community. The conversation also explored the troubling increase in verbal attacks and physical violence against members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, including how campuses are working to raise awareness and ensure the safety of the AAPI community while fostering an inclusive environment.

Cultivating Climate Resiliency: How North American Public Universities Are Addressing Climate Change

Webinar Title SlideApril 2021: Earth Day Webinar

APLU’s North American member universities have a key role to play in helping to address the real threats that climate change presents. APLU hosted this special Earth Day webinar on the role of public and land-grant universities in addressing the relationship between agriculture and climate change. Panelists also explored how climate change effects vulnerable populations and impacts social issues.

Celebrating Women Leaders in STEM: Sharing Insights, Experiences and Pathways for the Future

Women's History Month Webinar Title SlideMarch 2021: Women's History Month Webinar

APLU hosted a webinar in celebration of Women’s History Month featuring a panel of women leaders advancing inclusion in STEM. During the event, we heard from each speaker on their personal journey as a woman who has either navigated STEM careers in the academy, or has led the way in creating opportunities for women in STEM at their institutions, and what public universities can do to provide more leadership opportunities for women in the STEM field.

Celebrating Black History Month

Black History Month Webinar Title SlideFebruary 2021

APLU hosted a a special hourlong webinar in celebration of Black History Month featuring three Black leaders in public higher education. During this event, the featured speakers discussed their own personal journey, reflected on the history and progress public universities have made toward better serving Black students, and explored the challenges and opportunities for public universities as they work to do more to expand access, ensure the success of Black students and faculty, and foster inclusive campuses.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month Webinar Title SlideOctober 2020

APLU hosted a special hourlong webinar in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month with three Hispanic public research university presidents. During the discussion, the presidents discussed the successes public four-year institutions have made in recent years in better serving more Hispanic/Latinx students and how they contribute to the vibrancy of college campuses across the country. The presidents also explored the challenges and opportunities for public universities as they work to do more to expand access and ensure increased success of Hispanic students.