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Access, Diversity & Excellence

The Commission on Access, Diversity, and Excellence (CADE) is comprised of individuals representing a cross-section of APLU member institutions including presidents and chancellors, vice presidents, deans, and other campus constituents.

CADE’s mission is to develop a comprehensive agenda regarding the relationships between public higher education and the issues of human resources and social change. 

CADE focuses on such major issues as building a more diverse and inclusive educational ecosystem which broadens access and opportunity; utilizing the diversity of the undergraduate experience to prepare graduates for the 21st century; enhancing diversity within student and faculty populations; and creating partnerships between universities and local and world communities to bring about beneficial social change.


Bernard Mair, Ph.D., Acting Vice President, Office of External Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (EDEI)
Robin Parent, Ph.D., Director, STEM Education & DEI Officer
Adrianne Thomas, Program Manager, Office of External Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (EDEI)