CECE Learning Community

About the CECE Learning Community:

Member engagement need not end with the CECE Summer Meeting and the APLU Annual Meeting. CECE’s virtual Learning Community is a member-driven set of discussion forums that allows university leaders to exchange best practices, address shared challenges, network, and learn from one another through regular phone calls or video web meetings. Through the Learning Community, CECE members can lead or contribute to discussions addressing topics in economic and community engagement. Learning community members may exchange documents and resources via listservs and file sharing services and may elect to publish articles on the CECE blog if coordinated with APLU’s Office of Economic Development & Community Engagement. CECE’s Learning Community empowers the Commission to agilely respond to the many and varied needs of its membership. Join CECE to be alerted of upcoming learning community discussions.

Join a Learning Community

  • Rural Engagement for Resilient Communities
    Co-Chairs: Sheila Martin, APLU and Michael Gaffney, Washington State University

    Join a group of university leaders making a difference in rural communities. This Learning Community will be a series of monthly phone calls for members to exchange best practices, engage philanthropic, private sector, and government funders, and more. RSVP to join the monthly discussion every third Tuesday at Noon Eastern Time.

  • Scaling Community Engagement Online
    Co-Chairs: Jorge Atiles, West Virginia University and Judith Ramaley, Portland State University

    This Learning Community will cover how APLU members can scale high-quality community engaged teaching and research opportunities online. The meeting takes place at 11:00 AM EST, the 2nd Friday of the month. RSVP to Join.

Steps for Establishing a Learning Community:

  1. One must have at least 4 interested CECE members and 1-2 members who are willing and able to serve as chairs of the community. The chairs are responsible for cultivating, managing and leading the discussion group’s agenda and objectives.
  2. APLU requires chairs to identify a reoccurring meeting time for the group (e.g. Third Thursday at 2 PM Eastern Time).
    Chairs are solely responsible for the logistical management and leadership of their community, including calendar invitation management, reminder emails, or other community logistics.
  3. APLU provides the chair with dial-in details, a sharable Dropbox folder, and an email listserv, if desired. APLU will also promote the community meetings via CECE’s website and mailing list.
  4. Learning communities are given opportunities to meet in-person during each CECE Summer Meeting and the APLU Annual Meeting.
    Learning Communities may be discontinued at any time.

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Featured Project & Initiative

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