2020 Academic Programs Staff Development Workshop

The 2020 Academic Programs Staff Development Workshop was designed to strengthen expertise and stir creativity among staff from colleges of agriculture, human sciences, natural resources, and related sciences through hearing from their peers hailing from other academic program offices across the country.

Academic programs staff provide support services and programming to students and faculty in their respective colleges. Such activities include: student recruitment, career services, study abroad coordination, advising support, undergraduate research, scholarship administration, and diversity, equity and inclusion training. In many cases, individual staff may be expected to shoulder several of these responsibilities within their respective college. There are few opportunities for staff from these colleges to meet peers from other institutions in order to discuss the breadth of their activities.

This workshop was designed to encourage networking among peers in performing similar activities across the country and provide professional development through training that stirs creativity by hearing from how other institutions deal with the same issues.

Speakers Biographies can be found here.

Wednesday February 5th, 2020

Aspire IChange presented by Jessica Bennett, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, with Jennifer Sandoval and Ali Gordon from the University of Central Florida.

Thursday February 6th, 2020

Keynote Presentation: Relationships, History, Hip-Hop and Forestry was presented by Dr. Thomas Easley from Yale University.

DEI Skills Workshop: Exploring Diversity Improves Leadership was also presented by Dr. Easley.

Lunch presentation: Embedding a Mental Health Provider in Your College was presented by David Wirt from Ohio State University.

Campus Culture

Strategies for Building and Implementing Diversity and Inclusion Programming for Agriculture and Natural Resources Sharon Couch, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Understanding Leadership: The Influence of Gender, Home Background and First-Generation Students on College Campuses J.Marcos Fernandez and Tim Kerr, Purdue University

Fostering Community: Expanding Networks and Breaking Down Barriers presented by Jenneth Layaou, Pennsylvania State University

Culturally Responsive Teaching presented by Carla Jagger, Mississippi State University

Recruitment and Retention with Data

Research Recruitment: Using Data to Make Decisions presented by Amy Jones, Katie Dilley, and Myron McClure, Purdue University

PackTrac Initiative presented by Anne Hubbard, North Carolina State University

Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) Campus Benefits/Impacts presented by Brandy Hawkins, Angelo State University

Career Services

Extending Workshop and Resources to Online Students: Learnings, Failures and Tips from a Career Advisor presented by Britt Hoskins, Oregon State University

Student Development Plan: An Online Guide to Academic Success and Career Readiness presented by Matthew Arri, University of Missouri

Career Bump: Engaging Faculty in Career Development Center Initiatives presented by Donna Graham, University of Arkansas

Meeting Students Where They Are: Linking Opportunities to Government Employment presented by Taylor Harbuck, Oklahoma State University

How to Make Your Presentations LIT! presented by Jean Drasgow, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Experiences as Recruitment Tools

Turning Summer Experiences into Future Careers presented by Tracy Hoover and Jenneth Layaou, Pennsylvania State University

World Food Prize Youth Institutes and Impact on Transition to Agriculture majors and College Internships presented by University of Florida

Collaborative Recruitment Strategies presented by Amy Jones, Katie Dilley, and Myron McClure, Purdue University

Engaging Undergraduates and Your Faculty in your Research Program presented by Christina Walsh, Oregon State University


Keeping Students on Track to Graduation presented by Shari Freyermuth and Laura Friedrich, University of Missouri

Experiencing Advising as an Undergraduate Student, Staff and Faculty Member presented by Tim Kerr, Purdue University

Better Together: Integrating Faculty Mentoring and Professional Advisors through a Hybridized Approach presented by Brent Lamons, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Study Abroad and Student Success

Integrating Career Competencies into a Faculty Led Study Abroad Program presented by Jean Drasgow, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Going Global! Useful Tips and Best Practices for Student Success in Short Term Study Abroad presented by Ketja Lingenfelter, Pennsylvania State University

How to Pack Your Bags for Study Abroad: Recruiting, Marketing and Supporting Study Abroad Programming presented by Shanon Dickerson, University of Missouri

The Value of College-Administered Undergraduate Exchange Programs; Faculty Champions; Using Short-Term Faculty Led Programs with New Partner Institutions presented by Paul Dorres, Oregon State University

Food Insecurity on Campus

Food Access and Equity at Virginia Tech: Reports and Students Generate Action presented by Susan Sumner, Virginia Tech

Study and Snacks: An Inclusive Approach to Student Success presented by Jose Uscanga, Oklahoma State University

A Plate for All: Decreasing Food Insecurity for Students in College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at MSU presented by Dorcia Chaison, Michigan State University

Friday, February 7th 2020

Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented Students

Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented Students presented by Antomia Farrell, National MANRRS President

Building Bridges: Best Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities for Graduate Underrepresented Minority Student (URM) Recruitment in STEM presented by Evelyn Cooper and Heather Buchanan, University of Maryland

STEP: Second-year Transformational Experience Program presented by Pat Whittington, Ohio State University

Building Student Leaders and Colleges

The Value of Student Ambassadors and Alumni when Recruiting Gen Z presented by Marra Baker, Pennsylvania State University

Student Ambassadors and Prospective Student Connections presented by Kassie Jo Winn-Huizar, Oklahoma State University

Recruiting Students and Spreading Goodwill Through Statewide Events, Communication and Student Ambassadors presented by Julie Scroggs, University of Missouri

CALS Ambassador Program presented by Charlotte Emerson, University of Florida

Use of Diversity Assessment Instruments in Student Leadership Development Programs presented by Jose Uscanga, Oklahoma State University

Recognizing Mental Health Issues

Student Success and Mental Health presented by Dorcia Chaison, Michigan State University

Working with Students in Distress presented by David Wirt, Ohio State University

Encouraging, Flourishing and Mental Well-Being on Campus presented by Robert Reason, Iowa State University

Retention Through the Years

Teaching a FYS Course and Retaining College Undergraduate Students presented by Tim Kerr, Purdue University

Using Student Learning Outcomes to Drive Success in Living-Learning Programs: FIT presented by Amber McGee, Oklahoma State University

Developing and Implementing Best Practices for Supporting the Transfer & Campus Change Student presented by Jeanne Osborne and Ben Carignan, Ohio State University

CALS Academic Programs Pilot Workshop Series presented by Anya Work, Virginia Tech

Childhood Experiences and College Retention

Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Impact on College Retention Workshop presented by Marilyn Bailey, University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff

Social Media in the College

Use of Social Media in Student Recruitment presented by Shawna Jordan, Kansas State University

Authenticity in Promotion and Messaging presented by Dana Edwards, University of Florida

Using Social Media in Undergraduate Recruitment presented by Lisa Racek, Virginia Tech

Student Success Workshop

Adaptive Change in Student Leadership presented by Kassie Jo Winn-Huizar and Jose Uscanga, Oklahoma State University

Purdue CATE: College of Agriculture Transformational Experiences Initiative; CATE Tracking; Issues-360: An Issues Engagement Initiative presented by Mary Helen Halsema, Purdue University

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