2022 CARET Leadership

CARET Executive Committee

J. Robert Frazee
University of Maryland 
at College Park
Connie Kays
Connie Kays
Kansas State University
Vice Chair & Planning Chair
Jake Tibbets
Jake Tibbitts
University of Nevada, Reno
J. Noland Ramsey
North Carolina State
Past Chair

Regional Representatives through 2022 (Expiration of Term)

Bill Cutts, New Jersey (2022)
J. Robert Frazee, Maryland (2023)
Jim Shirk, Pennsylvania (2023)

North Central
Connie Kays, Kansas (2023)
Ben Steffen, Nebraska (2023)
Becky Walth, Nebraska (2024)

Rodd Moesel, Oklahoma (2022)
Larry Holmes, Virginia (2023)
Elvis Graves, North Carolina (2024)

Bob Mattive, Colorado (2022)
Jake Tibbitts, Nevada (2023)
Andy Groseta, Arizona (2023)

Liaisons (Expiration of Appointment)

Academic Program Section/Academic Programs Committee on Organization and Policy: Eric F. Hinson, Florida (2024)
APLU Board on Human Sciences: Vacant
Cooperative Extension Section/Extension Committee on Organization and Policy: Charlotte L. Wenham, Michigan (2022)
Experiment Station Section/Experiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy: Katie K. Frazier, Virginia (2023)
International Agriculture Section/International Committee on Organization and Policy: Vacant
Minority-Serving Institutions (1890): James G. Brown, Jr., Tennessee (2024)
Minority-Serving Institutions (1994): James R. Durglo (2022)
FY 2022/2023 Budget: Brian Hardin, Alabama (2023)
Committee on Legislation and Policy: Don Latham (2024)
National Association of University Forest Resources Programs: Vacant
National Association of Counties: Madeline Mellinger (2024)
Administrative Heads Section: Michael J. Boehm, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
BAA Policy Board of Directors: Thomas G. Coon, Oklahoma State University

Featured Project & Initiative

The Data Literacy Institute – a partnership between APLU and the Association for Institutional Research with funding from Ascendium – brings together cross-departmental teams from 11 Powered by Publics institutions from Cluster 14 to engage in training that enhance their use of data to improve equitable student outcomes. In May 2022, Powered by Publics held […]

Featured Project & Initiative

Powered by Publics is convening nearly 125 change-ready institutions within 16 “transformation clusters” focused on solving different pieces of the student success puzzle. Participating institutions are working collaboratively to increase college access, eliminate the achievement gap, and award hundreds of thousands more degrees by 2025.