Wendy Fink
Executive Director, Academic Programs Section & Assistant Vice President, Food, Agriculture & Natural Resources (FANR)


Purpose of NARRU

NARRU was formed to create a forum and unifying force for all faculty, staff, students and administrators of state funded public colleges and universities with agriculture, food, and renewable resource programs. Collectively we value and promote excellence in science-based student learning with hands-on experience in teaching, conducting responsive and issue-based research, and communicating findings to our stakeholders and the general public.

Eligibility for Membership

Membership is open to public colleges and universities that offer programs in agriculture and renewable natural resources. The chief program administrator (Dean, Director or Department Chair) as designated by the institution serves as the member institution’s representative. Membership is by application and approval by the NARRU Board of Directors and is sustained by payment of an annual membership fee.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in NARRU provides a number of benefits at the institutional, state and national level:

  • Working together, NARRU members share ideas and explore avenues for solving common problems and exploring opportunities that strengthen our instructional, research, and service programs in agriculture and renewable resources.
  • Develop and strengthen partnerships among non-land grant and land grant universities as well as community colleges to enhance our teaching, research and outreach missions.
  • Develop and strengthen our ties and influence with state and federal legislators as we seek to establish permanent funding to support capacity building for non-land grant institutions with agriculture and renewable resource programs.
  • Strengthen our voice on the Budget and Advocacy Board of Directors, Farm Bill Committee, and NAREEE Advisory Board to enhance stature and funding for our institutions.
  • Increase opportunities for collaboration on research grants and cooperative projects with member institutions, land grant universities and community colleges.
  • Strengthen our ability to develop leaders in non-land grant institutions through professional development workshops and training offered at our annual meeting.
  • Broaden our ability to identify and focus on issues that are priorities non for teaching, research and outreach among non-land grant institutions.
  • Working with the Academic Programs Section (APS) of APLU and the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Agriculture Information Systems (FAEIS), organizes the collection and distribution of enrollment, graduation, salary and other data important for advancing our mission as non-land grant universities.
  • Opportunities to recognize outstanding performance of faculty from member institutions at the national level through the NARRU Distinguished Young Educator and Distinguished Educator Award programs.

Apply for Membership

Institutions interested in joining NARRU should send an e-mail to Membership Committee Chair, Gary Webb at GaryWebb@MissouriState.edu.

NARRU Member Institutions

List of Member Institutions