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Texas Wine Marketing Research Institute at the College of Human Sciences, Texas Tech University

Texas Wine

Since its inception in 1988, the mission of the Texas Wine Marketing Research Institute has been to provide timely and relevant research and education about wine and to foster the economic development and growth of the wine and grape industry in Texas.

  • More than 20 years of research conducted to help educate the Texas Wine Industry on best marketing practices.

  • Numerous industry reports which illustrate consumer and industry trends allowing the industry to implement best practices.

  • Economic Impact reports which provide information on the growth of the Texas Wine industry compared to national averages.




In addition to its pursuit of industry research, the Institute is dedicated to the education of the next generation of wine industry professionals and consumers. As an integral part of the Department of Hospitality and Retail Management at Texas Tech University, the Institute works closely with the department in order to provide up-to-date educational experiences. Additionally, the Institute routinely partners with the University’s Plant and Soil Sciences department which hosts the enology and viticulture programs.

Educational Programs:

Texas Tech University offers wine-related courses and specializations through two departments. The Department of Plant and Soil Sciences offers a specialization in Viticulture and Enology with a wide range of viticulture and enology courses. As of fall 2018, there are 157 undergraduate and 114 graduate students enrolled in the Viticulture & Enology academic specialization.

The Department of Hospitality and Retail Management offers two wine business courses: wine marketing and wine tourism, and a “wine track”, providing a specialization in the wine business. There are 387 undergraduate students in the hospitality program, 20 Master’s, and 13 Ph.D. Many of these students are interested in the business of wine. Students enrolled in the wine courses and the wine track are most interested in employment within the wine industry and distribution.

By partnering with the WSET®, the Institute is able to ensure that the education offered is on the cutting edge of industry knowledge, giving students an advantage when entering the job market.

The Hill Country University Center

The Fredericksburg area, located in the heart of the Hill Country AVA of Texas, has the highest concentration of vineyards and wineries in Texas with 81 vineyards and 61 wineries. It has been recognized as the second-most popular wine tourism destination in the U.S. The industry expansion continues at a rapid pace, driving the overall growth of the Texas wine industry, which ranks fifth in wine production and has more than quadrupled in number of wineries in the past 10 years.

Texas Tech opened a regional campus located in the Fredericksburg area in 2002. The Hill Country University Center in Fredericksburg provides a technology-driven classroom setting, allowing TTU at Fredericksburg to offer face-to-face, online and hybrid classes toward completion of a variety of bachelor's and graduate degrees. Their state-of-the-art facilities, wine labs and teaching vineyard, students can also have hands-on learning experiences to prepare for a career in the wine-making industry.

As part of the educational offering at TTU-Fredericksburg, the Texas Cooperative Extension offers Viticulture and Enology Certificate program awarding continuing education units (noncredit), with the Teaching Winery being the key component of the certificate program. Since its recent launch, 38 students have completed various viticulture and enology courses. The certificate students are also the target audience for WSET® qualifications offered in Fredericksburg.

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