Caron Gala
Director, Agriculture and International Development, Governmental Affairs

BOAC Executive Committee

Board on Oceans, Atmosphere and Climate Officers (2020) – Three-year terms

Members of the executive committee shall serve for three-year terms, with terms of the members staggered, except for the non-ceo co-chair, who shall serve two years as chair-elect, and two years as chair. The past cochairs shall serve in a consultative role. Members of the executive committees shall be limited to two consecutive terms or six years. They may be elected to the Executive Committee again after one year has elapsed.

  1. Chair of the Executive Committee: John Kelly, President, Florida Atlantic University

  2. Co-Chair of the Executive Committee: Steve Ackerman, Director, Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2019-2021)
    Past Co-Chair of the Executive Committee: David Dooley, President, The University of Rhode Island (2016-2019)

  3. Co-Chairs-Elect of the Executive Committee: Vacant

Committee Representatives

  1. Marine Sciences Representatives: Kathleen Ritzman, Assistant Director, Scripps Institution of Oceanography,

  1. Marine Sciences Representatives: Oscar Schofield, Chair, Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Co-Director of the Center for Ocean Observing Leadership, Rutgers University (2019-2021)

  1. Atmospheric Sciences Representatives: Vacant

  1. Atmospheric Sciences Representatives: Vacant

  1. Atmospheric Sciences Representatives: Vacant

  1. Sea Grant Representatives: Pamela Plotkin, Director, Texas Sea Grant, Texas A&M University

  1. Sea Grant Representatives: Vacant

  1. At Large: Vacant

  1. At Large: Darren Lerner, Director, University of Hawai’i Sea Grant College Program, University of Hawai’i at Manoa (2019-2021)

  1. At Large: John McCray, Professor and Head, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado School of Mines (2019-2021)

  1. At Large: Sean Powers, Professor and Chair, Department of Marine Sciences, Director, Center for Environmental Resiliency, University of South Alabama (2019-2021)

  1. Ex Officio: Caron Gala, Director of Governmental Affairs, Agriculture and International Development, APLU (2019-2021)

  1. Ex Officio: Sang Han, Deputy Director / Office of Federal Relations, University of Washington (2020-2021) – APLU CGA Liaison

  1. Ex Officio: Scott Rayder, Executive Director of the Alabama Water Institute, University of Alabama (2019-2021)

  1. Ex Officio: Joel Widder, Partner, Federal Science Partners (2019-2021)

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Featured Project & Initiative

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