International Advocacy Coordinating Committee

The International Advocacy Coordinating Committee (IACC) is the advocacy subcommittee of the Commission on International Initiatives (CII). The advocacy priority areas of IACC include:

  • education abroad and exchange programs;
  • immigration policy;
  • international higher education and development programs; and
  • Title VI international education.

The International Advocacy Coordinating Committee is supported by a coalition of more than fifty APLU member universities that contribute through an annual assessment to fund advocacy for higher education international programs and research. IACC priorities include funding for universities within the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations bill such as the U.S. Department of State Study Abroad Initiatives, USAID Feed the Future Innovation Labs, and USAID higher education programs and partnerships. From an authorizing and agency engagement perspective, APLU maintains awareness and engagement with the United States Government on issues related to immigration reform and Title VI international education.

IACC dues fund APLU’s advocacy by a specialized team.

  • Craig Lindwarm, Vice President for Governmental Affairs – leadership on immigration policy and Title VI (Department of Education)
  • Caron Gala, Director of Government Affairs for International Development – leadership on USAID, international development and agriculture policy and funding

This team is located in Washington, DC and is dedicated to advancing the IACC legislative agenda through coordination with the Commission on International Initiatives and Council on Governmental Affairs as well as the Commission on Food, Environment, & Renewable Resources as appropriate.

The impact of IACC can be seen in important provisions impacting higher education in the Senate-passed comprehensive immigration reform bill, House and Senate State and Foreign Operations Appropriations bills, as well as important language on study abroad in the Labor, Health, and Human Services, and Education Appropriations committee report.

Formerly the International Development and Agriculture Coordinating Committee, IACC has built on IDACC’s strength in advocacy of international development and agriculture to now also include a wide range of international issues of importance to APLU member universities.

For more information on IACC, please contact Craig Lindwarm, Vice President for Governmental Affairs.

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