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International Agriculture Section

The International Agriculture Section (IAS) of the APLU Board on Agriculture Assembly is also an integral part of the Commission on International Initiatives and consists of the lead individual from each institution’s international agriculture program. The Section provides leadership for programmatic activities that cut across the teaching, research and extension missions of our member institutions. At present the IAS has a membership of more than 100 individuals.

2018-2019 IAS Officers
Chair: Amrit Bart, Assistant Dean & Director of Global Programs, University of Georgia, Athens
Past Chair (2016-18): Nina Lilja, Associate Dean of International Agricultural Programs, Kansas State University 
Chair-Elect: David Gray, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University 

Committee Representatives
Board on Ag Assembly Policy Board of Directors:
John Vreyens, Director of Global Initiatives for Extension, University of Minnesota Extension 
Alternate:  Amrit Bart, Assistant Dean & Director of Global Programs, University of Georgia, Athens
Board on Ag Assembly Budget and Advocacy Committee: Mark Erbaugh, Director, International Programs in Agriculture, The Ohio State University
Board on Ag Assembly Legislative and Policy Committee: Sundaram Gunasekaran, Director of CALS International Programs, University of Wisconsin, Madison
CII Planning Committee: Melanie Miller Foster, Pennsylvania State University

IAS Resources

  • May 2016 Webinar with Otto Gonzalez, USDA-NIFA
    Access the PowerPoint presentation from the May 9, 2016 IAS webinar with Otto Gonzalez, Director of the Center for International Programs, USDA-NIFA

  • IAS White Paper 2014
    In this white paper we provide a rationale and a roadmap to integrate global dimensions in support of the domestic program goals of USDA and its National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s (NIFA) Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI).

    White Paper

Members in the Spotlight