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International Agriculture Section

The International Agriculture Section (IAS) of the APLU Board on Agriculture Assembly is also an integral part of the Commission on International Initiatives and consists of the lead individual from each institution’s international agriculture program. The Section provides leadership for programmatic activities that cut across the teaching, research and extension missions of our member institutions. At present the IAS has a membership of more than 100 individuals.

2020 Voting Members for the International Agriculture Section Executive Leadership Committee (ICOP)

International Agriculture Section Officers (2020)
According to the IAS by-laws, there are, at a minimum, 10 members of the IAS Executive Leadership Committee. The BAA Policy Board of Directors also requires an Alternative Representative, should the elected Representative to the PBD not be able to fulfill their representative duties during their term. As such, that individual is listed in this slate. 
*Please note that all terms are listed as active years. Terms begin in the Fall of each year. 

Chair of the Executive Committee: David Gray, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University (2019-2021)
Chair-Elect of the Executive Committee: John Vreyens, Director of Global Initiatives for Extension, University of Minnesota Extension (2019-2021) 
Secretary of the Executive Committee: Melanie Miller Foster, Assistant Professor of International Agriculture, Pennsylvania State University (2019-2020)
Past Chair of the Executive Committee: Vacant

Committee Representatives

Budget and Advocacy Committee (BAC) Representative: Deanna Behring, Assistant Dean and Director of International Programs, School of International Affairs, Pennsylvania State University (2020-2021)
Committee on Legislation and Policy (CLP) Representative: Sundaram Gunasekaran, Director of CALS International Programs, University of Wisconsin - Madison (2019-2020)
International Programs Director, BAA Policy Board (PBD): John Vreyens, Director of Global Initiatives for Extension, University of Minnesota Extension (2018-2020) 
International Programs Director, BAA Policy Board (PBD) Alternate: Vacant
IAS Member-At-Large (Liaison) to the CII Executive Committee: Thomas L. (Tom) Thompson, Associate Dean and Director of Global Programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Virginia Tech (2019-2020)
IAS Representative to the CII Planning Committee: Jennifer Kushner, Assistant Director of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences - Global (2019-2021)
CARET Representative to IAS: Rebecca Walth, South Dakota (2020-2021)

IAS Resources

  • IAS Bylaws
    Updated Sept. 12th, 2019. 
    Click here for to access
  • IAS White Paper 2014
    In this white paper we provide a rationale and a roadmap to integrate global dimensions in support of the domestic program goals of USDA and its National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s (NIFA) Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI).

    White Paper
  • Resources
    Our Global Food Future: Capitalizing on Collaborative Investment and Innovations
    December 2nd, 2020

    The APLU International Agriculture Section invited the North American agricultural research, extension, and development community to participate in an online dialogue to set the stage for the next generation of global agriculture innovation and collaboration. The following speakers shared their vision for the future of global connectivity, technology, science and institutional partnerships.

    Scott Hutchins, Deputy Under Secretary Research, Education and Economics, United States Department of Agriculture
    Robert Bertram, USAID Chief Scientist
    Livia Bizikova, Lead, Monitoring and Governance, Tracking Progress, IISD, Canada
    Erick Fernandez, Lead Agricultural Specialist, World Bank Group
    Guillermo Hernandez, Rector de la Universidad Tecnológica de Aguascalientes

    Today’s innovation occurs, not only in-person, but also over the phone, computer, and other connected devices. Research collaboration requires monitoring and evaluation technologies that are advanced and connected to keep pace with international research competition. Funders at the private, foundation, and multi-national level seek modern approaches to innovation, institutional models, and work that is grounded in cultural and knowledge exchange. After hearing from our speakers, participants were invited to participate in an online dialogue around what North American Institutions can do to effectively plan to adapt to new methods of undertaking collaborations and engage in research, teaching, and extension.

    View the recording here.
    Access Passcode: IP?W74WW

Members in the Spotlight