2021 CII Summer Meeting

The APLU Commission on International Initiatives (CII) focused its 2020-21 Academic Year activities on the topic of “Internationalization: Re-envisioned, Reimagined, Revitalized,” utilizing virtual huddles, executive committee meetings, and CII working groups to explore the impacts and challenges of global geopolitical trends and the pandemic on campus internationalization. The 2021 CII Summer Meeting drew upon our experiences, our innovations, and our future aspirations to culminate in a three-day virtual dialogue.

Opening with a presidential panel addressing the topic of campus internationalization, the first day concluded with a conversation about how campus internationalization can address diversity, equity, and inclusion. The second day focused on partnership models within the North American Zone of Knowledge and concluded with an interactive session on Global Learning for All. The final day began with an interactive design-think exercise to envision campus internationalization over the next decade and concluded with a session designed to draw upon the outcomes of the meeting to develop an action agenda for the upcoming academic year and the APLU annual meeting in the fall.


Presidential Panel: Role of International Offices in a Post-pandemic University
Heidi M. Anderson, President, University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Taylor Eighmy, President, University of Texas at San Antonio
Héctor Raúl Solís Gadea, Executive Vice Chancellor, University of Guadalajara

DEI/EDI: If Not Now, When? If Not Us, Who?
Ashley Green, Assistant Dean for Administration and Director of DEI, Michigan State University
Andrew Gordon, CEO and Founder, Diversity Abroad
Megan Francis (Moderator), Assistant Dean of International Programs, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

North American Mobility: A Plan for Action
Jesús López Macedo, Academic General Director, National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES)
Robin Lerner, President and CEO, Texas International Education Consortium
Pirita Mattola, Manager of the International Student and Study Abroad Centre, University of Saskatchewan
Sonia Feigenbaum (Moderator), Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement and Chief International Officer, University of Texas at Austin

Pathways to Global Learning for All
Carlos Ivan Moreno, General Academic and Innovation Coordinator, University of Guadalajara
Nancy Erbstein, Associate Vice Provost for Global Education, University of California Davis
Dawn Whitehead, Vice President of Global Citizenship for Campus, Community, and Careers, Association of American Colleges and Universities
Sally Crimmins Villela (Moderator), Associate Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs and Senior International Officer, SUNY System

Envisioning the Future of the Global University
Erik Skogsberg, Vice President of Learning Experience, Voltage Control (2021 CII Summer Meeting Sponsor)

CII Summer Business Meeting
Taylor Eighmy, Chair, APLU Commission on International Initiatives

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