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1890 Universities

Twenty-eight years after the passage of the Morrill Act of 1862, Congress enacted a second Morrill Act establishing Black land-grant universities.  The legislation gave states funds to establish state universities for persons of color if race was an admissions factor at the existing state university.  Commonly referred to as 1890 Universities, these institutions have a track record of “serving the underserved” and “reaching the unreached.”  Today, these campuses are proud to remain the custodians of access to and opportunity for higher education in underserved communities.

The Council, comprised of presidents and chancellors of APLU-member historically Black land-grant universities, primarily addresses all matters pertaining to strengthening teaching, research and extension programs at these important institutions. The purpose of the Council is to represent collectively the interests of 1890 land-grant institutions while seeking to maintain, insure and increase funding, to present a unified approach for presentation of views regarding these institutions, and to serve as a forum to share ideas and resources.  The Council works with other 1890 associations in developing a comprehensive agenda regarding congressional and federal policies and programs impacting 1890 institutions.

The Council of 1890's Universities One Pager gives an exciting look at the work being accomplished by our 19 strong 1890's Universities.


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Featured Project & Initiative