Bernard Mair, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President & Chief Academic Officer
bmair@aplu.org | 202-478-6083

Sarah Bartlome
Senior Associate, Academic Affairs
sbartlome@aplu.org | 202-742-6951

Executive Committee

The Council on Academic Affairs usually meets twice a year; at the members only Summer Meeting at a site of CAA’s choosing, and at the CAA Annual Business Meeting during the APLU Annual Meeting. However, since April 2020 to date, we have increased the frequency to almost monthly to help our members deal with pandemic-related issues.

The Executive Committee has at least 15 members, elected to serve three-year terms by the membership of the CAA.  The CAA Officers are the Chair and the Chair-Elect, who are often assisted by the Past-Chair and the CAA representative to the APLU Board of Directors.

The CAA Executive Committee, with the assistance of APLU’s Office of Academic Affairs, is responsible for organizing all the meetings and activities of the CAA.  Members of the Executive Committee also serve as liaisons to other APLU Councils and Commissions.

The Chair, Chair-Elect, Past-Chair, and APLU’s Chief Academic Officer constitute the Nominating Subcommittee, which nominates members to fill the Chair-Elect, and all Executive Committee vacancies (including liaisons to other APLU Councils and Commissions). These nominations are voted on by members of the CAA, usually at the Annual Business Meeting.

Class of 2023

Kathy Johnson headshot
Indiana University, Purdue
University Indianapolis
Immediate Past Chair (2022-2023)
Carol Kim
University at Albany, SUNY
Bowling Green State University

Chair (2022-2023)
Iowa State University

CAA Liaison to the APLU Board of Directors (2020-2023)
Fort Valley State University
CAA Liaison to the Advisory Committee of General Counsels (2022-2023)
University of California, Irvine

Class of 2024

Mary Croughan
University of California,
Ed Feser
Oregon State University

University of the District of Columbia
Mississippi State University
University of Maine
Kent State University

CAA Liaison to Committee on Faculty Affairs

Class of 2025

Georgia Institute of Technology
Nancy Gonzales
Arizona State University
Wayne Jones
University of New Hampshire
Alisa Mosley
Jackson State University
Portland State University
University of Kansas