Bernard Mair, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President & Chief Academic Officer
bmair@aplu.org | 202-478-6083

Sarah Bartlome
Senior Associate, Academic Affairs
sbartlome@aplu.org | 202-742-6951


Can I participate in the CAA?
All chief academic officers of APLU members are members of the CAA and can participate in its meetings and sessions. Chief academic officers can have many different titles according to the organization used, whether at a campus or a system office. The most commonly used titles are Provost, Vice Chancellor/President for Academic Affairs, and Executive Vice Chancellor/President.

How does one become part of a CAA committee?
A CAA member can simply join the discussion at the table of the committee of interest at one of the two plenary meetings of the CAA. The committee Chair may ask the member to contribute the committee activities, if any, outside the meetings.

Is the Provost automatically part of the CAA?
Yes, whenever a Provost is considered the chief academic officer.

When does the CAA meet?
The CAA meets twice per year, once at the APLU Annual Meeting each year in November, and once at the CAA Summer meeting, usually in July. The elected leadership, the CAA Executive Committee, meets at various points throughout the year, as it relates to CAA business.