Bernard Mair, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President & Chief Academic Officer
bmair@aplu.org | 202-478-6083

Sarah Bartlome
Senior Associate, Academic Affairs
sbartlome@aplu.org | 202-742-6951

CAA Operating Guidelines

  1. The Council consists of the Chief Academic Officers (CAOs) of the APLU member institutions. The Council meets twice a year, once during the APLU Annual Meeting and once during the summer. Summer meeting attendance is restricted to CAOs. CAO staff members like associate vice chancellors and associate provosts, are welcome at the APLU Annual Meeting.
  2. The CAA’s activities are overseen by an Executive Committee consisting of at least 15 members (three classes of five each). The members are elected at least five at a time (a class) and serve three-year terms. The Council elects a representative to the APLU Board of Directors to serve for a three year term. The officers of the Council are: (a) chair and (b) chair elect. The election of officers, representatives to the APLU Board of Directors and executive committee members, takes place at the Business Meeting of the Council during the annual APLU Annual Meeting. The chair-elect automatically becomes the chair during the Annual Meeting at the conclusion of the CAA Business Meeting.
  3. The chair, chair-elect and immediate past chair shall constitute the nominating subcommittee of the Executive Committee to select the candidates for the various Council positions. Vacancies arising between annual meetings will be filled by the Executive Committee upon recommendation from the nominating committee.
  4. The Executive Committee conducts the Council business. Ad hoc committees may be convened to discuss current issues of the CAA. Ad hoc committees are facilitated by a council member appointed by the Executive Committee.
  5. Ad hoc committee facilitators are appointed by the Executive Committee. Each committee will have a designated facilitator and committee meetings are open to all Council members. The ad hoc committees are generally expected to suggest session topics for the Annual Meeting and the summer meeting, and will focus on areas relevant to Chief Academic Officer’s responsibilities.
  6. The Council Executive Committee usually meets three times a year: at the Annual Meeting, during the Summer Meeting of the Council and a “Winter” meeting early in the calendar year. Ad hoc committee facilitators are invited to participate in these meetings. The chair will determine the location of the “winter” meeting in consultation with APLU staff.
  7. The Council Executive Committee organizes programs for the summer and annual meeting.
  • Operating guidelines reviewed and substantially revised in 2017
  • Amended and passed by the Council on Academic Affairs on 11/12/12
  • Amended 11/9/08
  • Amended on 7/24/01
  • Amended on 11/14/00
  • Amended on 7/27/96
  • Amended on 7/30/95
  • Amended 2/20/93
  • Amended on 8/3/91

For a pdf version of the guidelines click here.