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CDEI Distinguished Service Award

The Council on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (CDEI) Leadership Award was established to recognize and honor an individual who has made significant contributions within the major focus areas of the Council. The recipient of this award shall demonstrate sustained accomplishments in one or more of the following: Maximizing institutional and/or societal resources to broaden access and opportunity in higher education. Utilizing diversity to expand the range and quality of the undergraduate experience. Contributing to the achievement of diversity at all levels of the academic community. Creating partnerships to bring about beneficial social change. Providing local and/or national leadership on issues related to diversity and social change. Each year, the Commission requests nominations for the award from all APLU member institutions. Nominations are usually requested around October 1 of each year.

  • How to Apply
    THE AWARD The CDEI Leadership Award will be presented during the APLU Annual Meeting in November. A panel will be chosen that represents APLU institutions. This panel will select the finalist for the CDEI Leadership Award. The finalist will receive a plaque and will deliver the keynote at the CDEI Leadership Award Luncheon. ELIGIBILITY Anyone may nominate any individual who meets the criteria for the award. Nominations are not limited to APLU members. Nominations must provide clear and compelling information about the nominee, their career, and how they have sustained accomplishments in one or more of the five areas outlined in the purpose above.
  • Application Format
    The application packet should include the nomination form (pdf version), a letter that provides clear and compelling information about the nominee, their career and how they have sustained accomplishments in one or more of the five areas outlined above and any supporting materials (i.e., news articles, program booklets, etc.) Send electronic version to:
  • Past Awardees
    2015 Gregory J. Vincent, Vice President, Diversity and Community Engagement, University of Texas at Austin
    2014 Emily Auerbach, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison; W. Terrell Jones, Vice Provost, Pennsylvania State University (posthumously)
    2013 M. Christopher Brown, President Alcorn State University
    2012 Ricardo B. Jacquez, Dean, College of Engineering, New Mexico State University
    2011 Diana Natalicio, President, University of Texas El Paso
    2010 Winston C. Doby, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs Emeritus, University of California, Los Angeles
    2009 Robert Corrigan, President, San Francisco State University
    2008 No Recipient Awarded
    2007 Ted Shaw, President, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.
    2006 Martin C. Jischke, President, Purdue University
    2005 C. Peter Magrath, President, NASULGC
    2004 Phillip E. Jones, Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Iowa
    2003 Njeri Nuru-Holm, Vice President for Student Affairs, Cleveland State University
    2002 William E. Kirwan, President, The Ohio State University
    2001 James A. Anderson, Vice President for Student Affairs, North Carolina State University
    2000 Frances D. Horowitz, President, The Graduate School and University Center (CUNY)
    1999 Trevor L. Chandler, Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of California System