Meeting Information

2023 APLU Annual Meeting

The APLU Annual Meeting has become the premier event for public university leaders to meet and exchange ideas with colleagues from across the country and all of North America. The Council of Presidents’ & Chancellors’ Spouses/Partners has a dedicated track to discuss issues, exchange ideas and network with other university leaders.

Spouses and partners of presidents or chancellors who serves at an APLU member institution are members of the Council of Presidents’ & Chancellors’ Spouses/Partners (CPCSP).

Participation in the Council of Presidents’ and Chancellors’ Spouses/Partners programming at the Annual Meeting is a meaningful forum for professional development in the spouse/partner role. Many universities pay the registration and travel fees for their President’s spouse/partner. If your university does not, we encourage you to request a discounted registration fee. Please email APLU Events Staff before you register to receive the Spouses/Partners discount registration code.

At the 2023 APLU Annual Meeting, The Council of Presidents’ & Chancellors’ Spouses/Partners can expect sessions discussing:

  • Understanding the Council of Presidents’ and Chancellors’ Spouses/Partners
  • Nurturing and Well-Being: A Roundtable on Personal Health and Wellness for Presidents’ and Chancellors’ Spouses/Partners
  • Shaping Tomorrow: Crafting the Vision for CPCSP’s Future

Past Annual Meeting Presentations


  • Communications Workshop
  • Clodius Forum: “Legal Issues for the Presidental Couple”


  • Roundtable discussion:
    • Second Time’s a Charm: What I Would Do Differently
  • Clodius Forum: “Governing Boards & the Changing Presidential Couple”
  • Engaging Women in Philanthropy


  • Roundtable Discussion:
    • Day in the Life
    • Social Media
    • Developing Your Brand
  • “Mind Full or Mindful? Bringing Mindfulness and Meditation to Leaders (And to Anyone Else Who Wants Less Stress and More Happiness in Their Lives)”
  • Clodius Forum: “Leverage the Presidential Couple in University Fundraising Campaigns”


  • Engagement – “Developing Best Practices for the Role of a University President’s Spouse/Partner”
  • Discovery – Clodius Forum on Scholarly Research: The Presidential/Spouse/Partner: A Changing Role in Higher Education
  • Roundtable Discussion:
    • Learning – The Arch of the Presidency: Thriving Through all Stages


  • “The Changing Role of the President/Chancellor’s Spouse/Partner”
  • “Strategic Communications and Marketing”
  • Roundtable Discussion:
    • Setting Expectations—Marketing Yourself for the University Role
    • Championing Special Projects & Causes
    • Resources for the University Spouse’s Role


  • “Mental Health Matters: Making Mental Wellness A Campus Priority”
  • “Minding Mental Health – The Vital Role of University Administrators in Prevention and Intervention”
  • Roundtable Discussion:
    • Leaning In or Leaning Back
    • Developing Your Brand
    • Working With Your Event Planner
    • What Do You Do When?
    • How Do You Say No Graciously


  • “When They Come Home” (Joint session with the Board on Human Sciences, the Councils on Governmental Affairs, Student Affairs and the Coalition of Urban Serving Universities)
  • “Veteran and Active Military Students: Their Stories, Our Commitment”
  • Roundtable Discussion:
    • Success Stories
    • You Deserve a Break Today – But How to Get It?!
    • Role of the Spouse/Companion
    • Help – I’ve Got a Problem


  • Joan Clodius Forum: “Social Media: Understanding and Setting Expectations”
  • “Leadership and Philanthropy: Engaging the Power of Women”
  • Roundtable: “I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me…”


  • “Recognizing and Retaining the President’s Spouse”
  • “Promoting Diversity on May Campus” joint session with the Council of Student Affairs
  • Roundtable Discussion:
    • “Sharing of Ideas”
    • “Civility on Campus”
    • “Spouse Initiatives”
    • “Social Networking/Media”
  • “What’s Hot on Your Campus”


  • “What do we really do…community and campus activities?”
  • “How to deal with the intense curiosity and the feeling of being overexposed”
  • “How to manage the personal elements of a Presidency/Chancellorship”
  • “Oops! I Said That?” Managing the Media
  • Joan Clodius Forum: “Population Change in the United States: Implications for Education, the Labor Force and Economic Development”


  • Roundtable Discussion: “An Exchange of Ideas”
  • “Presidential Partners: The New Generation”
  • Joan Clodius Forum: “Love and Opportunity”


  • Clodius Forum: “Roundtable Discussion of University Leader’s Spouses Role”
  • “Unpredictable Violence: What Can We Do?”
  • “Public Relations and the Media”


  • Clodius Forum: “Higher Education Leadership in Creating a Sustainable Future”
  • “What Women Want (In Philanthropy)”
  • Roundtable Discussion
    • “An Exchange of Ideas”


  • Clodius Form: “Reconnecting to the World: Fueling Global Education”
  • “Practical Protocol”
  • Roundtable Discussion:
    • “Ideas for Increased Effectiveness: An Exchange”
  • “Informal Sharing”


  • Clodius Forum: “Minding the Millennials”
  • “Creating Powerful Partnerships: The Event Coordinator and You!”
  • “Building Successful Partnerships”
  • “An Affair to Remember”
  • “Prosperous Events”
  • “President’s Residence”
  • “Creative Cultivation”


  • Clodius Forum: “Creating a Donor-Friendly Campus”
  • “Efficiency: Strategies for Streamlining Your Life”
  • “Unveiling of COPCS Website”
  • “Spousal Survey: The Changing Role of the Chancellor/Presidential Spouse”


  • Clodius Forum: “Presidential and Spousal Compensation: Where Do We Go From Here?”
  • “Our Health and the Food We Enjoy”
  • “Wellness: One University’s Perspective”
  • Off-site: Tour of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the National D-Day Museum


  • Clodius Forum: “Seasons of the Presidency: 1-5 Years, 5-10 Years, 10 Years and Beyond”
  • “Spousal Compensation Packages”
  • Panel Discussion: “Making It Work: Balancing Spousal Roles”
  • Off-site: Visit to the Field Museum of Natural History; A Behind the Scenes Tour


  • Clodius Forum: “Challenging Fate and Maintaining Control – When Possible”
  • “Fundraising 101”
  • “Public Speaking: Making Your Point”
  • Roundtable Discussion Topics:
    • “Travel With Alumni and Community”
    • “Managing Your Schedule”
    • “When Your Staff Begins to Wane”


  • Clodius Forum: “Reflections on a Tragedy: Personal and Professional Retrospectives on the Death of a Student at the University of Wyoming”
  • “Death and the Continuation of Life”
  • “What Would You Do If You Were the Six O’clock News?”
  • Roundtable Discussions:
    • “My Underwear Drawer is Off-Limits – Protecting Our Privacy”
    • “Time-Out – Private Time With Your Partner”
    • “Can You Top This – Successful Events”


  • Clodius Forum: “Cultivating the Community”
  • “Controlling Your Destiny in a Presidency from Interview to Retirement.” The Dreaded D’s will be included: Dismissal, Disease, Divorce, Death, and Dependency of a Parent.
  • “Creative Entertaining”
  • “Tour of Historic and Architectural Victorian Homes”
  • Roundtable Discussions:
    • “Power Packing”
    • “Innovative Uses for the Computer”


  • Clodius Forum “Navigating Crises: Media, Campus Safety, Alcohol, Crime”
  • “Exclusive Presidential Gift Display and Welcome”
  • “Gift Giving Protocol”
  • “Parent Club (Models)”
  • Tour of the Governor’s Mansion
  • Roundtable Discussions:
    • “Always Entertaining, The House, Calendar Control”


(This was a joint meeting with AASCU Spouses)

  • Clodius Forum “Positive Value of Intercollegiate Athletics”
  • “Building a Unified Community in a Stratified Society”
  • “Imagine this…”


  • Clodius Forum “Finding Friends and Funds for our Colleges and Universities”
  • “Getting to Know You”
  • Spouse Survey 1996 – How the 90’s are Impacting the Role “Keeper of the Trust”


  • Clodius Forum “Personal Safety for Presidential Couples”
  • “Frequently Together, Seldom Alone”
  • “Landmines, Pitfalls, and Challenges of being The Male Presidential Spouse”
  • “Managing Stress and Change”
  • Coffee and Conversation


  • Clodius Forum “Presidential Partners”
  • “Taking Care of Yourself-Never on Sunday”
  • “Landmines, Pitfalls, and Challenges: Housing, Entertaining, New in Town”
  • “How to Work a Crowd/Greeting People at the House”
  • “Fundraising for Presidential Home Projects”
  • “Planning Now for Transition Later: Changing Presidencies; Back to Faculty; Retirement; Into Business/Consulting”
  • “Entertaining in the Nineties”
  • Coffee and Conversation: “MSU Safe Place: An On Campus Domestic Violence Shelter”
  • “The IRS and Spouse Travel”


  • Clodius Forum: “Good Media Relations”
  • “Fundraising and the University President’s Spouse”
  • “Financial Advice for the Elegantly Homeless: What Every University’s CEO Family Should Know”
  • “Helpful Holiday Hints”
  • “Landmines, Pitfalls, and Challenges:”
    • Maintaining Physical Health
    • Emotional Health and Identity: Don’t Let Others Control Your Life
    • Represent University
    • Take Worry Out of Entertaining
    • Plan for Longevity; Plan for Retirement
  • “Making Your Personal Computer Work for You”


  • “International Education: An Imperative for 1990’s and Beyond”
  • “University Finance: From Scarcity to…What’s Next?”
  • “How the Budget Crunch May Affect the President’s/Chancellor’s Spouse”
  • “Fundraising Nitty Gritty for Spouses”
  • “Protecting the Official Residence: Security Approaches”
  • Roundtable Discussions:
    • “Handling the Spouse Role and an Outside Job”
    • “Creative Entertaining with Tight Budgets”
    • “Calendar and Paper Handling”
  • “Open Lines: Communication with the President, the Office, and the Public”
  • “Managing Staff”
  • “The Perfect Guest: A Book Review”


  • “Duo or Duel: The Relationship Between the President’s/Chancellor’s Spouse and the Chief Advancement Officer”
  • “Avoiding the Pitfalls”
  • “Interacting with the Business/Finance Office”


  • Panel: “I Do It My Way”
  • “Entertaining, Fundraising and Staffing from the President’s Chair”
  • “International Travel and Protocol”
  • “Valuing Difference”


  • “The Role and the Job”
  • Panel: “The Value of the Volunteer”
  • “Volunteerism”
  • “Perspectives from a Presidential Spouse/State Legislator”
  • “Managing Your Staff”
  • “Retirement Planning”


  • “Public Perceptions and Private Lives”
  • “How to Deal with the Press”
  • “Information System of the Future: Intellectual Productivity”
  • “Stress and Relaxation”


  • Panels: “Reaching out as the President’s/Chancellor’s Spouse…”
    • To Students
    • To Faculty
    • To International Students
    • To the Community


  • “Leadership and the Public Sector and: A Family Commitment”
  • “SuperMom: Can We Do It All?”
  • Panel: “Building Bridges with the Arts”
  • “Protocol”
  • Panel: “Entertaining for the University”


  • “Educators as Lobbyists and Vice Versa”
  • “How to Control a TV Interview”