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Bethany R. Johns, Ph.D.
Director, Research Policy

Ny'lyjah Cain
Program Associate, STEM Education & Research Policy

COR Meetings

2020 COR Winter Executive Committee Meeting

February 11-12, 2020 in Washington, D.C.


2020 COR Summer Meeting

Virtual Zoom Meeting each Thursday, June 4-25, 2020


2020 Annual Meeting

Resilience & Equity

More than 1,600 public university leaders gathered virtually for the 2020 APLU Annual Meeting. The theme of the 2020 APLU Annual Meeting was Resilience & Equity. During the meeting, APLU named a new board of directors, announced winners of its four institutional awards, hosted 5 keynotes and nearly 20 interactive concurrent sessions.  


2020 COR Conversations

Initially, these calls were weekly and intended as a place to discuss impacts of COVID-19, more information on the meetings series is below. The calls will now be every 4-weeks and focus on the future of the research enterprise. Zoom details will be sent in a separate, secure email. We ask that only Chief Research Officers, or their designee, attend to help APLU staff manage the large number of participants on the call.

Dates and meeting information:

13 August

Agenda: recent policy updates, call for joining COR leadership, and open forum discussion on challenges and opportunities in reopening campus.


10 September

Agenda: a discussion on the new Future of Research working group and how you can participate, an update on COR nominations and elections, and update from the COR Chair, Chris Keane, and open forum discussion on challenges and opportunities.


8 October meeting will be moved to 29 October

A discussion with the new director of the NSF, Sethuraman “Panch” Panchanathan. 


5 November

COR Business Meeting as part of the APLU Annual Meeting, announce COR election results COR Chair and COR Executive Committee, Class of 2023.


3 December



COVID-19 Meeting Series

Starting on March 26, 2020, COR has been meeting virtually each Thursday at 1:30pm ET to discuss the impacts of COVID-19. These meetings are intended to be a place where senior research officers can share their thoughts, concerns, and questions on managing the impact of the pandemic. The meeting structure changes based on the type of discussion, such as open forum, webinar, topic based, as well as the 2020 COR Summer Meeting.


COR Webinar: Ramp-up and Recovery due to COVID-19

April 30, 2020 at 1:30pm ET

This webinar discusses how universities plan to reopen: a set of guiding principles, considerations for campus health and safety, and how other parts of campus outside of the research laboratories are tackling challenges to reopen. Please share your campus reopen plan by uploading to the shared folder

Moderator: Roger Wakimoto, University of California, Los Angeles 

Panelists: Randy Katz, University of California, Berkeley; Mark McLellan, University of North Texas Faith Kirkham-Hawkins, University of California, San Diego

The content provided during this webinar represents information that is current as of April 30, 2020 and is subject to change as institutions continue to respond to the public health emergency created by COVID-19. All materials, including recordings, are for educational purposes only and for the benefit of COR membership.

COR Webinar Ramp up


COR Webinar: Estimating Losses and Costs due to COVID-19

May 7, 2020 at 1:30pm ET

This webinar discusses how there are many constituency asking for data on costs due to COVID-19. We plan to discuss the methodology of how two different universities are estimating costs. We will share financial models and a guidance document. Please share how your campus is planning costs and losses by uploading to the shared folder. Slides from the webinarare also in the shared folder. 

Moderator: Chaouki T. Abdallah, Executive Vice President for Research at the Georgia Institute of Technology 

Panelists: Melur K. “Ram” Ramasubramanian, Vice President for Research at the University of Virginia and Tanju Karanfil, Vice President for Research at Clemson University

The content provided during this webinar represents information that is current as of May 7, 2020 and is subject to change as institutions continue to respond to the public health emergency created by COVID-19. All materials, including recordings, are for educational purposes only and for the benefit of COR membership.

COR Webinar Estmates

COR Call: Conversation with Dr. Michael Lauer, NIH

May 14, at 1:30-2:30pm ET

The call will be a conversation with Dr. Michael Lauer, Deputy Director for Extramural Research at NIH. Sarah Nusser, COR Chair, will give introductory remarks. Then, Mike Lauer will give short opening remarks. The remaining time will be for questions with regard to COVID-19. This is our regular, one hour Zoom call for Senior Research Officers only. No registration required.


COR Call: Testing for COVID-19 Within Your Campus Research Program

May 21, from 1:30-3:00pm ET

This Thursday will be a discussion on Testing for COVID-19 Within Your Campus Research Program. We will hear from a panel who will speak about the role and responsibility of the VPR community with respect to testing for COVID-19. We will also host a guided discussion with the goal of giving COR the tools they need to think through their campus policies on testing. This is our regular Zoom meeting call for Senior Research Officers only. Please mark our calendars for a 90 min discussion. No registration required.

Moderator: Matthew A. Tarr, University of New Orleans

Panelist:  Alicia Knoedler, Director of Team Innovation at Exaptive, Inc Kenneth W. Sewell, Oklahoma State University  David Norton, University of Florida 


Slide Presentations

Guided discussion using Padlet: PDF and Image



Past Meetings

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