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Boise State University
Office of Research Compliance
Posted: 05/20/2022
Associate Director, Export Controls and Controlled Data
Salary: 100,000 - 105,000

Responsible for the management of the campus export control compliance program and for developing and administering a program that allows researchers to compliantly obtain and use restricted and controlled data (HIPAA and PHI, PII, GDPR, etc). Required: Bachelor's Degree or equivalent, general field; 5 years experience in compliance or related field in higher ed setting; 3 years experience in same kind of work.  a JD is preferred

The successful candidate will:

  • Develops and manages the export control program to ensure compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and Office of Foreign Assets Control )OFAC) requirements, and the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) as applicable.
  • Provides training and guidance to faculty and staff in all export control-related matters.
  • Works to develop and maintain policies and procedures that involve import/export activities.
  • Development, oversight and management of Boise State’s export control program with the goal of maintaining regulatory impact.
  • Provide strategic consultation and guidance to faculty, staff and administration on decisions that have import/export regulatory impact.
  • Develop and conduct training programs on export control, International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), International travel and related issues, including embargoed and sanctioned countries.
  • Attain University compliance with regulations by implementing and administering procedures for exports and travel such as:
    • Interpreting ITAR and Export Administration Requirements (EAR)
    • Establishing Project Technology Control Plans
    • Determining the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)
    • Determining licensing exceptions or requirements
    • Screening end users, end use and countries for exported technology
    • Screening subcontractors and visitors to controlled facilities
    • Determining International travel requirements including those for embargoed and sanctioned countries
    • Drafting and maintaining a manual of standard operating procedures to provide consistency and compliance for all offices involved in exports and travel matters
    • Draft and submit license applications and institutional registrations when necessary
    • maintain inventory of controlled technology in campus labs

In addition the position:


  • Works closely with Office of Information Technology technical support to develop and manage a program around restricted and controlled data used for research.
  • Evaluates existing university policies and procedures for HIPAA compliance by performing HIPAA risk assessments for university departments, programs and services           
  • Develops guidelines for campus departments on differentiating FERPA-protected information from HIPAA protected information and the unique requirements of each
  • Identifies and addresses privacy policies and procedures that require improvement and/or development, and provides guidance for remediation and/or improvement
  • Acts as a central authority on all policies and procedures related to Protected Health Information (PHI) access and use on campus and consults with departments on new and emerging initiatives related to handling of PHI
  • Identifies, develops and implements relevant training to workforce members with access to PHI and ensures compliance with training requirements
  • Assesses methods and procedures used to store and transmit PHI; identifies security or other compliance risks and researches and recommends improvements.
  • Maintains required records and supporting documentation including authorization forms, notices, and plan documents
  • Communicates with individuals regarding their right to inspect, amend, and restrict access to their PHI