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University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Posted: 06/7/2022
Executive Director - North Central Regional Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors

The North Central Regional Association (NCRA) of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors is seeking an energetic and innovative individual to serve in a full-time, twelve (12) month position as Executive Director of the NCRA. This position will reside at a Land-Grant University in the North Central Region. Expected start date is on or before January 1, 2023.

The NCRA is one of five regional associations with the responsibility of facilitating cooperation of regional and national research. The NCRA is composed of Agricultural Experiment Stations in 12 states (IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, and WI). The North Central research portfolio is supported in part by the Multistate Research Fund, which is a federal appropriation authorized by the Hatch Act. Additional support comes from other federal programs as well as state and private sources. Collaborative research programs focus on regional priorities that are identified and developed jointly by State Agricultural Experiment Station (SAES) Directors, Departmental Chairs, and participating scientists. The NCRA is also linked at the national level through collaboration/coordination with the other regions and national organizations. One of the NCRA institutions will host the Executive Director in terms of an office, support, and allied operations (to be determined in conjunction with the candidate). Additional information about the NCRA is available online at:

The Executive Director is an employee of the 12 NCRA Directors and will hold an appointment at one of the 12 Land-Grant Universities in the North Central Region. The incumbent works with and reports to the NCRA Chair on a day-to-day basis.

Responsibilities are divided between the national and regional activities, with approximately 60 percent focused at the regional level and 40 percent at the national level. Activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Regional Activities

  • Provide effective leadership that promotes greater collaboration between states within the region and between the North Central and other regions.
  • Provide administrative leadership for the NCRA Chair and Executive Committee. Respond to inquiries and requests received by NCRA member institutions.
  • Organize and maintain the NCRA Executive Director’s Office, including administrative oversight of the Assistant Director, located at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Maintain official NCRA records.
  • Provide leadership and support for the Multistate Research Committee (MRC) Chair and members. Oversee planning for MRC meetings, participate in project reviews, communicate as necessary with administrative advisors and federal agencies, analyze research programs, and maintain research records.
  • Provide guidance to new SAES directors and directors with new regional and national assignments including administrative advisors to multistate committees. Concurrently, enhance the leadership and management abilities of NCRA directors as opportunities arise.
  • Provide leadership in promoting the partnership between NCRA and the North Central Cooperative Extension Association.
  • Facilitate and coordinate planning and reporting among SAES in the region.
  • In collaboration with the SAES Directors, seek new opportunities for government and/or private funding for research programs within the region and for opportunities that promote economic development within the region.
  • Promote the NCRA SAES accomplishments regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Advance collaborative agricultural bioscience, economics, natural sciences, and social sciences in the North Central region.
  • Develop and help facilitate synergistic interactions with university/private sector research collaborations and funding opportunities; administrative officers in NC AES offices; and communications and advocacy professionals.

National Activities

  • Advance the programmatic interests of the NCRA Directors by helping to develop funding and working relationships among appropriate Agricultural Experiment Stations, other research organizations, and relevant federal agencies and USDA ARS.
  • Serve as a proactive liaison and advocate to the USDA NIFA on funding opportunities and programmatic, policy, and procedural issues impacting NCRA members and their offices.
  • Provide leadership for NCRA and other Experiment Stations with ESCOP core committees (Budget and Legislative; Diversity Catalyst; Executive; NPGCC; NRSP; and Science and Technology), APLU (Budget and Advocacy, Communications and Marketing; Legislation and Policy; and Policy Board) and other national level organization committees, advisory boards, and advocacy groups.
  • Coordinate activities and communications to promote partnerships between ESCOP and other COPs to ensure programmatic linkages are developed whenever feasible.
  • Develop collaborative working relationships with strategic partners including but not limited to Executive Directors of other SAES (1862s), the ARD (1890s), the Tribal Colleges and Universities (1994s), Hispanic Serving Institutions, and administrators/faculty from these Land-Grant Universities. Create and sustain mutually beneficial partnerships to leverage expertise, resources and intellectual innovations to enhance ownership, leadership, and impact from projects, committees, task forces, and other activities to enhance agricultural research nationally and internationally.


Required Qualifications

  • Earned doctorate in the agricultural biosciences, agricultural economics, environmental sciences, or related disciplines.
  • Demonstrated successful leadership experience in a State Agricultural Experiment Station, or related area, including responsibility for appraisal of research, budget development, and administration of programs.
  • Demonstrated vigorous support of the tripartite Land-grant University mission of teaching, research, and Extension.
  • Demonstrated commitment to advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Willingness to travel as necessary in performance of duties.
  • Evidence of the ability to work with individuals, agencies, and programs under widely divergent conditions.
  • Experience in the interpretation and distribution of information from many different sources.
  • Evidence of the ability to build and facilitate successful teams including faculty, administrators and other strategic partners to identify common goals, set timelines and measurable outcomes, promote collaborative efforts, and bring tasks and projects to completion.
  • Effective electronic, verbal, and organizational communication skills.


Nominations and applications are welcome. Applications must be received electronically by August 1, 2022. To view details of the position and create an application, individuals interested in this position are encouraged to go to and search for position F_220091. Click “Apply to this job” and complete the information form.

Complete the application by submitting:

1) A statement of vision for this position and the NCRA [submit as letter of interest].

2) A curriculum vitae.

3) Names and contact information of at least four (4) professional references.

4) A cover letter describing your specific interesting in the position [submit as other document].

Questions regarding this position can be sent to:

Héctor L. Santiago-Anadón, PhD

2022 NCRA Chair

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Agricultural Research Division

207 Agricultural Hall

PO Box 830704

Lincoln, NE 68583-0704

Phone: 402-472-7129


All the Land-Grand Institutions in the North Central Region are affirmative action/equal opportunity employers and encourages minorities, women, veterans, and individuals with disabilities to apply.