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Oregon State University
Extension Service 4-H Youth Development Program
Posted: 06/16/2023
4-H Youth Development Outreach Program Coordinator

Oregon State University (OSU) and the Division of Extension and Engagement are seeking applications for a 1.0 FTE, 12-month, 4-H Youth Development Program Coordinator position, based at the OSU Extension Service Morrow County office in Heppner, Oregon. The 4-H Program Coordinator will serve their designated county and is a member of a regional and statewide team of the OSU Extension 4-H Youth Development program. This position reports to the Regional Director assigned to the Central region. Decisions regarding this position are made in consultation with the supervision team that includes the Program Leader and the Regional Director.

Please note that we are also seeking application for a 1.0 4-H/SNAP-Ed Outreach Program Coordinator in Gilliam County, (https://jobs.oregonstate.edu/postings/139046). We encourage applicants to apply to both positions.

About Morrow County

The Morrow County Extension Office is 270 miles east of the main campus in Corvallis, Oregon. It is situated on the outskirts of Heppner, Oregon—a small, rural community with a population of 1,300. Heppner is 45 miles south of the Columbia River and 20 miles north of the scenic Blue Mountain Range and the Umatilla National Forest. There is unlimited opportunity for outdoor recreation. For information on Morrow County, visit the Oregon Explorer: https://oregonexplorer.info/.

Program Mission
The central mission of this position is to extend the knowledge and research of OSU to the communities of Oregon in a manner that is responsive to local needs and respectful of local norms and culture. This individual joins a network of campus-and community-based Extension faculty and staff who share this responsibility for community engagement. Work is accomplished through hands-on, learner-centered education as well as systems-level interventions that influence the environments in which people live, work, learn, and play. 4-H provides young people with intentional, high quality learning experiences that promote positive interactions with adults and peers, sustained and active participation across time, and opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the world around them. This mission is accomplished through the work of volunteers, youth, community members and professionals who organize and conduct learning experiences in club, group, community, and family settings. Programs are implemented in a manner that is consistent with best practices in the field of youth development and respectful of local norms and culture. Oregon Extension programs reach close to 100,000 young people annually through out-of-school, after school, in-school and camping programming. 4-H faculty teach, develop materials, and provide administrative oversight to a broad array of programs. This position oversees all 4-H programming and supervises volunteers with expertise in project areas (e.g., health, outdoor adventures, livestock, shooting sports, soccer, leadership, civic engagement, and robotics). Some 4-H experiences involve travel and overnight accommodations. 4-H faculty are required to assure compliance with Federal and State regulations related to youth protection, fund-raising, taxation, and the nonprofit status of 4-H and affiliated organizations.

Purpose of Position
This professional faculty member is responsible for the management, promotion, and delivery of a diverse portfolio of educational programming that meets the needs of youth in Morrow County. All 4-H faculty are expected to use best practices in positive youth development to ensure that educational programs are of high quality and produce their intended outcomes. Programs are implemented in a manner that measures impact, fosters program improvement, and strengthens community connections. This position maintains the physical, emotional, and psychological safety of youth and volunteers by adhering to all university, federal, state and local laws, policies, and procedures.
The Outreach Program Coordinator will work extensively with volunteers, in supervisory (program management) and collaborative roles. The individual in this position must have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to build and maintain positive relationships with colleagues, youth, other educational and youth development programs, volunteers, families, community partners, associations, camp administrators, elected and appointed board members, and county employees. This faculty member must be attentive to detail, able to teach adults and youth, and adept at promoting and marketing to adult and youth audiences.

In addition to responsibilities in Morrow County, faculty is expected to contribute to regional and state educational team efforts related to the incumbent’s expertise and interests, such as state fairs, summer camps, annual conferences and other activities as assigned.

This Outreach Program Coordinator oversees all 4-H programming and supervises volunteers with expertise in project areas (e.g., health, outdoor adventures, livestock, shooting sports, soccer, leadership, civic engagement, and robotics). Some 4-H experiences involve transportation of members
in motor vehicles and overnight accommodations. 4-H faculty are required to assure compliance with Federal and State regulations related to youth protection, fund-raising, taxation, and the nonprofit status of 4-H and affiliated organizations.

This position requires traveling. Active and effective communication with staff and key stakeholders is critical to the success of this position, wireless access may be necessary.

About the Division
The division of Extension and Engagement (Division) is core to Oregon State University’s mission. The Division helps create real solutions and positive impact across Oregon and beyond. The Division is aligned under the leadership of the Vice Provost for Extension and Engagement. To learn more about our Division and its core units and initiatives, please visit our website: https://engagement.oregonstate.edu.

OSU Extension programs, partnerships and volunteer opportunities are focused on:

Healthy communities and economies
Resilient and productive forests and natural ecosystems
Sustainable agriculture, food systems, and gardening
Thriving youth, individuals, and families

Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

Oregon State University is committed to creating and maintaining compassionate and inclusive learning and working environments for all learners, visitors and employees. We envision collaborative community environments that enhance civility and embrace diversity. All employees are responsible for achieving this commitment. This commitment includes, but is not limited to, complying with Civil Rights and Language Access regulations. In addition, this individual will design, develop, maintain and/or carry out Extension programs to ensure that educational programs and outreach activities serve diverse populations, including those that have been historically marginalized/excluded from participation.

Please visit the following webpages for more information on our commitment to inclusive excellence:

OSU Division of Extension and Engagement’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Unit: https://extension.oregonstate.edu/about/diversity-equity-inclusion

OSU Moving Forward Together: https://leadership.oregonstate.edu/president/moving-forward-together

Position Duties

50% – Program Management
Provide oversight and leadership for the OSU Extension 4-H Youth Development Program in the County.
Develop internal and external partnerships that enhance 4-H youth development programming, and OSU Extension in the County.
Organize and maintain program advisory and management committees and/or networks to identify program needs, mobilize local resources, make recommendations, and assist in program implementation.
Engage community partners and community members in a culturally responsive manner.
Create positive and productive experiences for all youth and volunteers by ensuring access to quality programming, including a safe and supportive environment and opportunities for meaningful engagement for all.
Foster a culture of learning and continuous improvement by ensuring that assessments and programming are informed by the needs and voices of participants and community members representing the diversity of the County.
Collaborate with regional and statewide 4-H (and other program areas) faculty members to enhance effectiveness.
Create and sustain a comprehensive volunteer development and management system that supports delivery of the local 4-H program.
Lead and/or collaborate with staff to mentor, manage, and recognize volunteers.

Provide processes to facilitate active communication flow and collaboration between program participants, volunteers, and Extension faculty, including but not limited to using multiple methods of electronic communication (i.e., web sites, publications, video conferencing and social media).

Effectively market/promote activities, programs and services of 4-H, the OSU Extension Service and OSU.

Link program level output with the overall OSU Extension and University brand in all opportunities.
Effectively communicate program level work to community stakeholders and decision makers at the local and statewide levels.
Annually provide impact statement reports adhering to Extension criteria.
Keep records and provide necessary reports to appropriate administrators, including plans of work and reports of accomplishments.

Supervise classified staff, temporary worker(s)/student worker(s) who assist with the management of 4-H programs. Provide leadwork for volunteers. Create and sustain a comprehensive volunteer development and management system that supports delivery of the local 4-H program.

Perform responsibilities as they relate to OSU relationship with County 4-H Association: Ensure valid and current County 4-H Association agreements are on file and followed; Follow OSU financial policies, standards, rules, procedures, and best practices; Follow OSU 4-H financial procedures and best practices, Association bylaws, and the County 4-H Association agreement with OSU; Refer to the 4-H procedures handbook for working with the County 4-H Association; Serve as standing non-voting member of the County 4-H Association and work with 4-H State Office to avoid conflicts of interest.

40% – Program Teaching/Implementation
Facilitate educational programs for adults and youth, in partnership with extension staff, local partners, organizations, and youth and adults within the community.
Develop and deliver educational programs to address priority emerging needs within the communities in the county.
Employ best practices of positive youth development engagement and 4-H program model theory.
Develop and teach educational programs for adults and youth (ages 5-19) in content areas germane to achievement of positive youth development outcomes through various delivery methods, including school enrichment, after-school, community clubs and camps.
Conduct volunteer development opportunities for new and existing volunteers to promote the best practices of positive youth development research, risk management, teaching, coaching, leadership and group management skills.
Adapt teaching strategies and program implementation to serve a wide range of populations, including those that have been historically marginalized/excluded from participation.
Create research-based educational materials (handouts, curriculum, media based) and/or utilize existing research-based materials to support the delivery of educational programs.
Travel is required to deliver educational programming and services throughout Morrow County.

5% – Organizational Accountability
Utilize technology as a tool to increase the impact of program delivery on constituents including participating with Ask-an-Expert (Ask Extension).

Use multiple methods of electronic communication to collaborate internally and externally as appropriate.

Implement fee-based programming and cost-recovery practices, develop partnerships, and solicit external funding to support and enhance educational programs as appropriate.

Develop an annual plan of work addressing educational needs as well as evaluate the quality and impact of educational programs provided to audiences as appropriate.

5% – Service and Other
Facilitate a work environment that encourages respect for all people involved, including promoting the development of knowledge and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.
Serve as an effective team member of the OSU Extension County Office, the OSU State 4-H Program, and OSU Extension Service.
Participate in and contribute to professional development opportunities that are appropriate for the current assignment and specialty.
Establish and maintain relationships with other professionals, including involvement in local, state and national professional associations.

To review posting and apply, go to:  https://jobs.oregonstate.edu/position_descriptions/20186

Apply to posting #P06988UF. Closes 7/3/23.  OSU is an AA/EOE/Vets/Disabled.